Living In Ottawa Vs Toronto The Pros And Cons

With benefits including low crime rates, economic stability, and some of the most spectacular natural sites you could hope for, moving to Canada can seem like a no-brainer. Are you in two minds though whether to choose Ottawa or Toronto?

Could You Be Happier Retiring In Canada?

Retiring to Canada may not be as glamorous an idea as retiring to Spain or enjoying your retirement in France. Canada is no Mediterranean and is a bit of a journey from Europe. However, certain advantages of Canada can make

5 Best Places To Live In Canada 2021

Seasoned expats know too well that for successful relocation knowledge is the key. It’s not just about the country they are moving to, it’s also about what place exactly you are going to choose to call your home. So where

Canada Visa – How To Move To Canada As A Skilled Person

Canada’s visa application process requires a lot of paperwork and research, it can, therefore, seem quite daunting and challenging. However, the key to success is understanding what the authorities in Canada want from potential immigrants and adjusting your course accordingly.