International Health Insurance

Planning for your healthcare when you are retiring abroad is vital. Even if right now you feel well and healthy, as the years advance, we will all require medical attention on a more regular basis. Making sure you can access it in an affordable way at any age is important.

International health insurance is not necessarily the only suitable solution to your healthcare abroad.

Depending on your retirement destination and personal circumstances you may be able to access subsidised or free of charge healthcare in your new country of residence, or get insured by local providers.

However, there are circumstances in which international health insurance can be necessary.

When international health insurance is a good option:

  • If you are retiring early below 65 years of age;
  • If you are not qualified for a UK state pension;
  • If  you’re moving to a country outside of the EEA;
  • If there’s a time gap between your actual move and the date you can qualify for a public healthcare in your new country of residence. For example, if you need to go through a residency application first, which might take some time;
  • If applying for residency requires a full health insurance;
  • In any other circumstances when you can’t or prefer not to access local healthcare.

Compare your international health insurance options

To find out how you can protect your health when retiring abroad, and what options are there for you, talk to our partners who specialise in expatriate healthcare for many destinations across the world.