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Expatra started life in 2008 as a simple blog about the sheer joy and adventure of starting a new life in a different country, and has evolved into the go-to resource for expatriates and Britons looking to retire abroad.

Today, Expatra gets around 100,000 visitors per month and is respected as one of the best expatriate publications on the internet, continually updated with valuable statistics and information about living in Spain, retiring to France and other popular destinations and featuring in-depth country reports on visas, housing, healthcare and work opportunities.

Expatra’s most popular feature is our annual report ‘The Best Places to Retire Abroad‘ which compares best value-for-money countries and what they can deliver in terms of accessibility, healthcare and financial benefits (such as tax savings, lower cost of living, lower property prices, etc.).

We have grown from being a small one-man blogging hobby to helping tens of thousands of people plan their new lives abroad and have been featured in some of the biggest publications online, including The New York Times, The Telegraph, MSN.com and The Guardian.

Welcome to Expatra. We wish you every success and happiness with your new life overseas.

Andy Williamson

Andy is a serial expat who has lived in six different countries – Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Cyprus, and Ireland, – and is the founder of Expatra.

He is a whizz with online performance optimisation and website technology, and set Expatra up as a living example for his consulting clients in how to do quality content well, on a topic he is passionate about – the joy of immersing yourself in a new country and celebrating the different lifestyles and cultures that our world has to offer.

Ola Degteva

Ola is research director of Expatra. Coming from a teaching and research background, she has been working in online research and publishing since 2010 when she became an expat.

Ola’s got every fact and figure about living overseas at her fingertips and speaks English and German as well as her native Russian. Ola and Andy met while living in Cyprus and now live in Lincoln, England, with their daughter. 

Suzanne Locke

Suzanne is the editor and content strategist of Expatra. Having started her career as a journalist at Sky News, she now runs her own content agency Locke Digital as well as still writing about personal finance, lifestyle and expat issues. She grew up in Bahrain and worked in the UAE for nine years, as well as studying in France. She lives in Staines-upon-Thames in Surrey, England, with her son.

Get in touch with us if you’ve got a question about moving abroad.

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