Expatra’s mission is to deliver valuable research and information that makes it easier for all of us to move to and live in different countries.

Much of the knowledge that is required to successfully move to a new country isn’t easily available. It’s either distributed across multiple information sources or as is often the case, essential snippets of information that make international moves much easier are locked away in people’s heads.

We’re working to collect that vital information providing one single access point for anyone planning on seeking a new life in a different nation.  We want to encourage more people to both love and live their World!

Answers from experts around the World

We gather our data and research from experts around the world. People who’ve already made the move to a new country and are now fully established expats. Experts who specialise in finance, visas, international removals, healthcare and education abroad.

Expatra is renowned as one of the best expatriate resources on the internet, continually updated with valuable facts, links and data about living in Spain, living in France and other popular destinations, and featuring in-depth country reports on visas, housing, healthcare and top locations.

One of Expatra’s most popular features is our annual report, The Best Places to Retire Abroad, which indexes the optimal countries for British retirees and what advantages each country can deliver in terms of its accessibility, healthcare, tax efficiency, cost of living and property prices.

Expatra, originally called Shelter Offshore, has grown from a small site to one that has helped thousands of people to plan their new lives abroad. It has been referenced by some of the world’s biggest publications, including The New York Times, The Telegraph, MSN.com and The Guardian

Expatra is the place to visit for important insights about planning your new life abroad, written with the help of many experts and people who’ve already made the move that you’re planning to make yourself.

Still not found that precise nugget that YOU seek? Get in touch with us if you’ve got a specific question about moving abroad and we will try our best to help.