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Help, research, and information for your move overseas

Our network of seasoned expat pros share their expertise and experience to help us produce our guides, information, and research for your overseas move.

Much of the knowledge that is required to move to a new country successfully isn’t easily available or is difficult to find.

The facts and information you need to make your overseas move successful are spread across multiple information sources, or, as is often the case, crucial snippets of information that make moving easier are locked away in people’s heads.

We’re dedicated to gathering that vital information, providing a single resource for anyone planning on starting a new life in a different country. 

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Expatra Company Founders

Ola Degteva

Ola Degteva – Research & Marketing Director

Ola is almost certainly who you’ll be speaking to if you have a question about moving or living abroad. Ola strives to help our readers out with their queries and questions. As an expat herself, Ola has lived in Ireland and Cyprus and currently lives in Wales in the United Kingdom.

Andy Williamson

Andy Williamson – Technical Director

Andy takes care of content curation, collating the information and research we receive for our guides and articles. No stranger to expat life, becoming a digital nomad in 2004 before digital nomads were a thing. Andy has lived in Germany, France, Ireland, Cyprus, and Austria and has traveled extensively.

Some of our most helpful international research experts

We receive information and research from hundreds of expats and professionals from around the world. Their contribution is invaluable, enabling us to collate guides and information that can make moving abroad easier.

Here are a few of our most valuable contributors:

Joana Fernandes

Joana Torres Fernandes – Portugal

Joana is an immigration lawyer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She is a Partner at L.V.P. Advogados, where, together with her team, she helps expats make their move to Portugal as smooth as possible.

Maria Luisa de Castro

Maria Luisa de Castro – Spain

Maria Luisa is a lawyer and founder of Costaluz Lawyers, based in the Costa de la Luz in southern Spain. She set up her practice in 2006 to help expats buy real estate and sort out immigration and taxation matters.

Rod Larrivee

Rod Larrivee – Panama

Rod is an expat from Vancouver, Canada, who has been living in Panama since 2011, and is co-owner of Retire in Panama Tours. The company offers services to assist anyone looking to relocate to Panama.

Kate Smith

Kate Ozikis (Kate Smith) – North Cyprus

Kate is a British expat living in North Cyprus and running a successful property company Ian Smith Estate Agency, that her family founded in 1985.

Paolo Rigo

Paolo Rigo – Italy

Paolo Rigo is an international tax and business advisor based in Verona, Italy. His Tax and Accounting Firm, Studio Rigo, has over 15 years of expertise in helping expats with Italian taxes and tax planning.

Matteo Spadafora

Matteo Spadafora and Heather Lincoln – Italy

Matteo is a licensed real estate agent and mortgage broker based in Milan. Matteo and his team at Invest In Italy assist foreign nationals and investors with buying real estate in Italy.

Stefano Gonella

Stefano Gonella – Thailand

Stefano is an Italian expat in Krabi, Thailand. Stefano has been running his business Krabi Contractor since 2011, helping international investors buy real estate in Krabi. He is also a consultant with Hexedes, a global relocation company assisting expats with relocation to Thailand.

Kostas Sakellariadis

Kostas Sakellariadis and Dimitris Varvatakos – Greece

Kostas and Dimitris are our Greece experts. They represent Eloan, a company that helps expats with residency, property and setting up a business in Greece.

Paola Ricci

Paola Ricci – Costa Rica

Paola is an Italian expat who moved to Uvita, Costa Rica, in 2018 and runs an Arts Center in Uvita, which has become a community hub for expats and locals alike. Paola is a relocation advisor with Hexedes, a global relocation company assisting expats with relocation to Costa Rica.

Tom Julian

Tom Julian – The Balkans and Southern Europe

Tom Julian is an American expat who has lived in many European countries, including the Balkans and Spain and is settling in Italy now. He has helped dozens of expats relocate to the Balkans, Spain and Italy through his site GlobalTalon.

Lenka Barbarikova

Lenka Babarikova – Chile

Lenka is an expat from Slovakia, living in beautiful Chile with her family. She runs a family business Aguapiedras Spa, and in her free time, she promotes Chile as a great expat destination.

Mimma Zizzo

Mimma Zizzo – Dubai

Mimma is our Dubai expert with extensive experience of living in Kuwait and Dubai. Mimma runs Amiche di Fuso, a magazine that tells about expat women’s experiences around the world. As an advisor with Hexedes, a global relocation company, Mimma helps expats plan their move to Dubai.

Expert knowledge and experience from overseas living professionals

We gather our data and research from experts around the world. People who’ve already moved to a new country and are now fully established expats. Professionals who specialise in finance, visas, international removals, healthcare and education abroad.

Expatra is renowned as one of the best expatriate resources on the internet, continually updated with valuable facts, links and data about living in Spain, living in France and other popular destinations, and featuring in-depth country reports on visas, housing, healthcare and top locations.

One of Expatra’s most popular features is our annual report, The Best Places to Retire Abroad, which indexes the optimal countries for British retirees and what advantages each country can deliver in terms of its accessibility, healthcare, tax efficiency, cost of living and property prices.

Expatra, originally called Shelter Offshore, has grown from a small site to one that helps thousands of people to plan their new lives abroad. It has been referenced by some of the world’s most prominent publications, including The New York Times, The Telegraph, MSN.com and The Guardian

Expatra is the place to visit for essential insights about planning a new life abroad.

Can’t find that precise nugget of info YOU seek? Contact us with your question about moving abroad, and we will do our best to help.

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