CANZUK Would Be Great News for Over Two Million British Expats

As Britain seems determined to leave the EU and ditch the European free movement of goods, services, labour and capital, there is an understandable urgency to find a replacement to […]

British? Want to Keep Your EU Passport? Join the Choose Freedom Campaign

A European citizens’ initiative called the ‘Choose Freedom Campaign’ is being launched in the attempt to protect Britons from losing their EU passport and citizen rights in post-Brexit Europe. The initiative has been […]

Expats Selling Their Spanish Property in Record Numbers

Brexit worries and the falling pound are causing more and more British expats to sell their Spanish property. Since the referendum in June last year home sales in Malaga province, for example, jumped up16.5% […]

Expats in Korea Take Advantage of Bitcoin for International Transactions

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies potentially present huge benefits for the 230 million expats living all over the world. Every year expats send around US$430 billion in international transactions. Using Bitcoin can make […]

Ireland Set for Influx of Wealthy Expats Following Brexit Decision

Ireland is ideally positioned to become the natural alternative to the UK by EU jobseekers, according to job site data. There’s been a surge in the number of financial professionals […]

Tech and Finance Jobs on the Rise in Asia

Tech and finance expat professionals looking for better opportunities around the world are becoming the main target for Asian employers. ExpatFinder released a report showing that tech and finance jobs will dominate the job market in Asia […]