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knowing the laws and rules in Dubai

The fact of the matter is, if you know the laws and rules in Dubai and understand the local  culture, you can tap into an exceptional lifestyle in Dubai and keep out of trouble. The way of life for expats is one of hard work counterbalanced with plenty of sunshine, exceptional facilities and amenities and […] Read More

Moving to and living in Canada

A complete how-to guide to moving to Canada and starting your life there: the pros and cons, working in Canada, best places to live, visa and residency, relocating, taxes, and many more to help you make your move to Canada easier.

Tax free living in the Bahamas

On the face of it, establishing residency in the Bahamas is not only relatively straightforward for those of comparatively high net worth, it’s appealing on many levels as well. For one thing you can enjoy tax free living in the Bahamas – the country levies no capital gains taxes, personal income tax or estate duties. […] Read More

A quiet street in the old part of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Not only can you enjoy all the benefits of life on the spectacular Mediterranean island with its incredibly sweet, sun filled climate, you could also be better off financially – Cyprus is a low tax destination with some very attractive incentives. What’s more, Cyprus’ capital city Nicosia gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the urban sophistication of a […] Read More