With a worldwide economic downturn settling in and employment conditions certainly worsening in the UK, maybe it’s time to explore other job opportunities in different locations around the world.  How about somewhere that offers an excellent standard of living, good employment prospects, a low tax setting…and sun, sand and sea?

If that sounds like a better option than just watching house prices fall and job losses increase in Blightly, why not check out your options and chances of working in Qatar?

Qatar is a small Gulf state, surrounded on three sides by the Persian Gulf and bordered on the southern side by Saudi Arabia.  So why should you consider Qatar?  Other than the fact that the International Monetary Fund ranks Qatar as having the highest GDP in the world, there’s also the fact that people working in Qatar don’t pay income tax!  If you’re interested then read on…

Currently expat’s working in Qatar number around 744,000 – which is actually four times the amount of Qatari’s in the local workforce!  So what does a prospective expat need to bear in mind when looking for work in Qatar?  Well, firstly you’ll need to organize the relevant entry, residence and work permits.  To do this you’ll need to find an employer who will sponsor you and assist you.  There are a few individuals who enter the country without a job on the off chance of finding employment on arrival, but it’s a very risky approach to take because if you don’t find work you will have to leave empty handed having paid out for flights and accommodation.

Options available for finding employment in Qatar for jobseekers outside of the country are available, and one of the best places to start searching for jobs in Qatar is in the English language paper ‘The Gulf Times’ which has a daily classified jobs section in the form of a PDF file available on their website.  There are numerous Arabic newspapers but only the ‘Al Watan’ paper has an English classifieds “jobs in Qatar” section.

There are also a number of online recruitment agencies geared up to assisting expats in finding work in Qatar, listing jobs in various fields.  These range from international recruitment sites such as Monstergulf, to general Middle Eastern agencies supplying workers throughout the region such as Bayt.com or Key Resource Recruitment-Qatar, a locally run agency.  These companies list a range of jobs in Qatar in all industry sectors – from teaching to the petrochemical industry to medicine for example.

There are also a number of industry specific and company web pages that can be checked for employment in the country.  The companies that list jobs on their websites include Qatar Petroleum, which is one of the biggest recruiters in the country and which offers all forms of employment within the petrochemical industry, to other company sites such as the Hamad Medical Corporation which is one of the largest recruiters in Qatar for medical personnel.

Jobs in Qatar range across the professional spectrum.  The country is experiencing massive growth due to it’s oil revenues and is investing heavily in the construction, petroleum and IT sectors for example – so if you specialize in any of these industries, you may well find a job in the country.  A browse of any employment site will usually list jobs from PR executives, HR managers, engineers in the petrochemical industry, automotive and gas turbine fields, sales people to interior designers.  Whatever your profession, have a look and see if you can match your skills and experience to a job in Qatar.

And finally, a few words of warning about your search for employment in Qatar – job seekers who travel to Qatar to find employment may find that their colleagues who were recruited from outside of Qatar actually have a better contract which can include money towards accommodation and annual flights home for example.  Also, you won’t be able to instantly swap jobs once you’re within the country, you’ll need to fulfill your contractual obligations.  But then again…working in Qatar, you’re not going to be paying income tax, so it isn’t all that bad!