It may well be that you’ve never really done much more than blow a few bubbles in the bath, but if the thought of looking even more prune like appeals to you then why not consider working abroad as a diving instructor?  If you want a portable career, it doesn’t get much more portable than travelling the world and teaching people to discover the delights of the underwater world.

A career as diving instructor is indeed a fantastic opportunity to travel the world, you get to spend time in some of the most beautiful beachside locations on the planet and soak up the sun every single day if you want.  Diving employment opportunities abound all over the world, from dive shacks in the Cayman Islands, to cruise ship dive instructor jobs, to live aboard diving jobs.  So how do you become a diving instructor?

There are a number of diving organizations around the world offering dive training, but the most recognized is PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), and the majority of jobs in recreational diving will be looking for PADI instructor qualifications.  The PADI system consists of a number of diving levels and certificates that need to be obtained before a person can qualify for work as a diving instructor.

In order to train as a diving instructor there are a number of options available.  If you’re already a diver you can continue working your way through various courses such as the advanced open water diver up to divemaster and beyond to diving instructor.  Or, if time’s a bit of an issue you can either book yourself onto a course to train as a diving instructor or take up a diving internship.  A diving internship allows anyone wanting to work as a diving instructor to train on the job whilst working with a dive school.

So where can you find diving jobs?  There are locations all over the world for qualified diving instructors in the following areas:  –

• Diving instructor employment at holiday resorts will encompass teaching guests to dive, carrying out pool training and maintaining equipment.  Salaries vary dependant on the resort but average wages for diving instructors will be in the region of £8,000.00 to £12,000.00 per annum plus tips.  Some resorts will offer accommodation and healthcare in the package.

• Retail dive stores employ diving instructors to sell products as well as teach courses.  Some sales experience helps, and there can be prospects of promotion.  Pay will usually include a base salary plus sales commissions and class fees, and can be in the region of £10,000.00 to £16,000.00.  If you progress into management than salary expectations can rise to £22,000.00.

• Cruise lines offer excellent diving instructor jobs.  You’ll need to be outgoing and also prepared to help out with social activities.  The job entails supervising snorkeling and other water sports activities.  Salaries start at around £8,000.00 to £13,000.00, and bed, board and uniform are included.  In order to find work as a diving instructor on a cruise ship you’ll need to contact the cruise lines.

• Live aboard dive boats also offer dive instructor jobs.  Salary will depend on experience and competition is high.  Food and accommodation are provided and in order to make yourself more employable it’ll help if you have specialist courses such as underwater photography under your belt.

When contacting potential employers for your first diving job, make sure your C.V. is concise and covers other previous employment which may be to your advantage, for example sales experience if you’re looking for work in a dive shop.  After that it’s on with the fins and away you go…but remember…never wee in a dry suit!