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How Women Can Have It All – A Portable Career Could Be The Key

If you’re stuck in a 9 – 5 job and shackled by your mortgage and other financial ties, or you’re stuck at home with your children and you feel you have no say over the direction of your life, it’s time to take the control back and get what you want.  We’re here to show you how women can have it all – and how a portable career could be your key to starting a better life abroad.

A recent NatWest International Banking survey revealed that 52% of expatriate women who had worked abroad said that the experience exceeded their expectations.  Whilst 83% of the women surveyed said that working abroad was likely to give them the chance to move up the career ladder more quickly.

Instead of worrying about finding a job abroad however, why not establish yourself in a portable career first, and then you can move to live wherever you want in the world.  Alternatively, if you have to accompany a partner overseas, having a portable career will mean that you never have to give up your work and personal financial freedom again.

Traditionally portable careers were limited to professions in-demand universally – such as teachers or medical practitioners.  However, even then certain qualifications and credentials associated with such careers did not always translate and travel as universally.  This meant that to move abroad one would potentially have to re-establish oneself time and time again – with each and every move.

Fortunately, as we all think more globally nowadays, because the world has become a smaller place because of international trading, global travel has become cheaper and easier and the Internet has literally opened previously impossible channels to globalisation, a portable career is no longer a pipe dream – it’s a real possibility for many more people.

A portable career is also a path that particularly suits women.

Nowadays a portable career can be in the form of a traditional role such as a teacher or a child care worker, a doctor or a nurse – or it can be as a creative person working as a writer or an artist or designer, or a practical person buying, selling and trading thanks to the likes of the Internet.

Your qualifications and experience need not be location specific anymore, rather you can bring a skill or a service to any market in the world if you choose the right portable career and the right way to market it.

For women who want to live abroad, it can be a case of establishing a career that will be in demand in multiple locations – or choosing a career that can be managed online or via the likes of VoIP (SKYPE), fax and email.

You may be able to consult remotely, blog about your area of career specialisation, you may be able to teach or train locally, or buy and sell remotely via a website and a location non-specific warehouse for example.

If you have children and a home to manage and juggle, you can ensure your working life fits around your family life, and have the ultimate in terms of control over how you live your life.

If you’re concerned that establishing a portable career and perhaps working from home will make you isolated abroad, we pre-empted your concerns with our report ‘How to Make Friends Abroad: Ideas for Lonely Expats.’

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No one said that living a dream would necessarily be easy – so yes, there may be hard work involved in setting yourself up in your chosen portable career.  But the effort will be absolutely worth it when one day you realise that you really can live anywhere in the world that you so choose.

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