Lying just an hour’s drive from Toulouse airport and within reach of the ocean, the Pyrenees and also located close to the Spanish border, Gascony is a region of France well worth exploration if you’re looking to get away from it all in style.  Property in Gascony is not really cheap but very lovely. The region is famous for its Armagnac and foie gras and is becoming better known as a perfect French retreat for those in search of the real France, unsullied by mass tourism and undiscovered by a mass influx of foreign buyers.

In this article we’ll discuss why to buy French property in Gascony and look at what the region offers over other better-known or even more affordable parts of France.

Gascony is one of the rare regions of France where mass tourism has not reached the most stunning parts, where a massive influx of foreign buyers have not yet pushed prices through the roof and where the French are actually still welcoming of British buyers moving to live in France.

The region is stunning, it is picture postcard perfect and when you first explore Gascony with a view to making it home you will be bowled over by the majesty of the landscape and the perfect nature of the climate which is hot in the long summer and mild and temperate during the winter.  Lying in southwest France, the region is typified by green rolling hills and lush countryside.  It is the least populated part of France and therefore there is a great feeling of space in the region.

According to local real estate experts, prices of property in Gascony are actually falling; between 1995 and 2000 there was a 10% annual growth rate in French property prices in Gascony, then until 2004 prices again rose by 20% before tailing off at the end of 2004 and since 2006 there has been between a 5 and 10% annual decline in prices according to local real estate agent Ian Purslow.  This means that now could well be a fine time to buy into this, one of the most attractive regions of France.

Prices are however not cheap, and the range of property for sale across the region varies dramatically therefore as a buyer you will have to do plenty of research to make sure you find what you are looking for at the price you want to pay.  There are some stunning country properties for sale with pools, there are even renovation projects still available in Gascony which would offer those in search of a project in France a great opportunity – but the one thing that is striking about the region is that it attracts those who truly love France.  The region is not at all an easy choice for relocating Britons who speak no French and are relocating with the British attitude intact.  To get the most out of living Gascony one needs to adapt to the local way of life!

Properties are on a par with those in Provence in terms of their appeal, and because of the landscape many actually compare homes for sale in Gascony with properties on the market in Tuscany where there is a similarity in the natural environment.  When compared with either location one immediately sees that whilst properties in Gascony are not cheap, they are far cheaper than either Provence or Tuscany!

We recommend that anyone searching for the good life in France – who is ready to embrace the French culture and way of life and who wants to school their children at quality educational establishments in a part of the world where children are safe for example, or who wants retire to a way of life that is conducive to good health – looks closely at Gascony and examines the homes for sale in this neck of the woods!