There are so many locations in the world that are touted as holiday hotspots, places where you can buy a second home and be guaranteed wall to wall sunshine and a great lifestyle for a few weeks every year.  You can rent your property when you’re not using it and you can be with likeminded tourists and mix with the masses – all good if you like the thought of buying a property in Spain or somewhere targeted by the cheap flight operators, but what about if you want to get away from it all?

In this day and age everywhere from Morocco to Malaysia and from Brazil to Benidorm is considered an option for the holidaymaker and the property investor – but there are some of us who actually want to get off the beaten track and enjoy the kind of holiday, the kind of lifestyle that we used to enjoy as children.  Which is why it can make sense to buy a holiday home in Nova Scotia.  Canada?  I hear you ask – yes, Nova Scotia in Canada – it is one of the most idyllic, charming and undersold locations in the whole world.  Trust me!

Nova Scotia is only a 6 hour flight from the UK – that’s medium haul, that’s quicker than it takes to get to Cape Verde, almost as quick as it takes to get to Cyprus and better still, you are flying away from the crowds when you board a plane to this little outpost in charming Canada.  Nova Scotia is not the sort of place that many may consider an ideal holiday location – hence the low property prices in the majority of the province.  But as it is located on Canada’s south-eastern shores and on the same latitude as Bordeaux in France, summers in Nova Scotia are pleasant at worst and far better than the British summer at best!  The sea and lake waters are warm in the summertime and the air quality, quality of life and cost of living are all fantastic.

These are probably all good reasons why overseas interest in property for sale in Nova Scotia is on the increase.  The word has spread about the attractive property prices in Canada and the general health of the Canadian property market, this has garnered interest from all sorts of would-be property buyers – from straight investors to those seeking a new home abroad or a holiday home in a desirable location – and at least for the latter two groups, Nova Scotia is particularly appealing.

In the summertime outdoor living is a reality – children play unsupervised by rivers and on the beaches, adults picnic and barbeque, summer fairs and fetes are held and the emphasis is on family time and life quality.  It is almost like stepping back in time.  Nova Scotia is also incredibly stunningly beautiful with its pure sandy beaches, amazing architecture, harbours, hills, cliffs and lighthouses.  And with property prices starting from under GBP 100,000 for a family home, what’s not to love about this family orientated, safe, clean, desirable and charming part of Canada?

The most popular parts of the province are of course well priced accordingly – celebrities such as Demi Moore are reputed to own homes in fashionable Chester – but move away from the sea or head North and prices will drop away to the point at which you can buy farms or land with permission to build properties or you can invest in a brand new resort style home on a development where they will indeed rent your home out when you are not using it.

Such resorts are few and far between, they are excusive and yet well-priced.  Nova Scotia is at the point where it remains highly desirable yet low priced because it just does not have the well-known appeal of the many thousands of holiday hotspots that have been ruined by mass tourism.  Long may it stay this way – and as long as it does, it’s the kind of location where you can have your cake and eat it.  You can own an affordable home and have the best holidays of your whole life.