If you’re thinking that a move abroad to the sun in retirement will make your governmental fuel allowance go far further or you’re looking to start a new working life abroad with all your family for example, Turkey might well be a good nation for you to consider.  It is a rapidly improving country in terms of its infrastructure and general levels of amenities and facilities, and what’s more, buying property in Turkey won’t bankrupt you.

With the words ‘affordable’ and ‘property’ far from synonymous in Great Britain anymore, especially with the mortgage squeeze beginning to take hold and recent interest rate cuts not being passed to the housing finance consumer, let’s look at where Brits are buying property in Turkey to see whether any of the areas appeal to you.

Some of us like to move abroad and live amongst our own – we find it easier to cope with the transition of moving to live in a new culture and communicate in a new language if we are surrounded at least in part by some of our ‘own kind.’  Others of us are seeking to leave the UK simply because we want to escape all things British and establish a totally new life for ourselves overseas.  Whichever group you’re more inclined towards, the latest news from the Turkish Land Registry General Directorate relating to which nationalities are buying property in Turkey in which districts will help you make your own mind up about where to view homes or land for sale.

According to the figures newly released by the Land Registry General Directorate, 73,000 foreign nationals officially own registered property in Turkey – which equates to roughly 38.5 million square meters of physical real estate from Istanbul to Side being owned by non-Turkish purchasers!

The Mugla province – home to towns such as Bodrum – is favoured by the vast majority of foreign buyers, followed closely by Antalya and then Aydin and what’s more, it’s the Brits who favour Mugla as the province has 12,865 foreign property owners, 10,039 of whom are Britons.  Germans prefer the Antalya region where there are 26,031 foreign owners…which may seem to contradict the fact that Mugla is more popular, but in Mugla multiple properties are owned by individual purchasers which adds up to a higher proportions in square meterage.

If you’re looking for less of a concentration of foreign buyers try Gumushane or Van for example, each has only one non-Turkish property owner or look at Agri or Bitlis or Hakkari perhaps in Eastern Anatolia where there are stunning homes for sale in beautiful towns surrounded by lush countryside and where there are no foreign owners of property at all!