One of the most common questions we get asked by both expats and those who dream of packing their belongings and starting a new life abroad is, what jobs or businesses are available in country X? Well of course our answer depends on where country X is and the skills set of the person asking, there’s no point telling a carpenter who dreams of Dubai about the big openings for top medical professionals. But what if you already have a perfect portable business?

Why look for a job in your new country when you can take it with you? More and more we’re all witnessing the power of the Internet and the successful businesses being built from it. Today more so than ever the possibility of packing your business along with your other hand luggage essentials and taking it with you without anyone even noticing your daring escape becomes a very viable option.

We’re seeing ever more business models are going on-line and some are so perfect one wonders why they ever bothered to go off-line in the first place. Enter Web Design it’s literally all about the web yet many studios have moved primarily to an off-line mode serving their local geography of small and medium businesses.  When it comes to small businesses getting a website deign completed though the plain and simple truth is many people are far more interested in the bottom line than the geographic closeness of the web designer, this is why some Indian web design companies have their books full for the next 6 months… However don’t worry that you’ll end up competing with the Indian economy and selling your skills for a fraction of their European worth, far from in fact you can actually use those skills as your own, read on to find out how.

So I’m going to assume that you’re not already a professional web designer with a huge portfolio and customers coming out of your ears, just in case you are by the way, choose your country get a SKYPE UK number to redirect to your new number and your almost there.  For the rest the first thing you need to do is to train to be a web designer.  If it really is your ambition to live in the sun to have a better quality of life then it’s worth some investment and effort to get there. Most of us are actually quite computer literate naturally these days, the thought of sending emails,  editing a Word document or reading a spreadsheet doesn’t send us into a panic attack, therefore if you were serious about becoming a web designer 12 months of hard work, education and training possibly at times when you used to enjoy a bit of late evening TV will see the essential skills in the bag,

Remember the goal, you don’t want to be taking contracts from those amazing design agencies who get the contract to roll out the new version of The Times online, you want the skills to be able to create a very professional looking website for a small business owner at a price that won’t see the small business owner collapse and just order another 12 months in the Yellow Pages.

Step forward 12 months, words like CSS, PHP, Ajax or Ruby on Rails no longer sound like designer drugs and you’re already to take your new skills abroad and enjoy blue sky design heaven. STOP! And don’t pass go until you’ve got some contracts, build your business web site get it moving with a blog, you’ll know all that stuff now you’re a web designer and get yourself familiar with the sites where you can sell your freelance skills such as Elance, Guru or 99Designs  start to sell yourself. Unless you hit lucky straight from the off and grab a contract with a company who need non-stop web design (it happens) you will take some time to get traction but slowly just as with any business as you establish your reputation you will start to gain repeat business.

Sometime later when you’re really busy and don’t have time to take the weekend off let alone move abroad you will have arrived at the perfect time to move abroad. The reality of life is that the   administrative headaches of moving to a new country when you have a successful business that will travel with you in hand luggage is actually a lot less painful than the abandon all move and see what’s happening approach to moving abroad.

Plus you will find that you’ve becoming a freelancing guru and have no doubt become quite fluent in the art of outsourcing. This is where those Indian web design companies who may have seemed like a threat at the beginning suddenly become your best ally, you can move from the coal face to become more a consultant and quality control business.  No one will worry that you don’t actually complete the whole design with your own hands but they will see that you can turn a design request around in half the time and deliver a high quality product at a very reasonable cost.

Oh and we’ve almost forgot to mention you are now living in that perfect location that was once just a distant dream and you’ve kept a healthy bank balance to boot!