The property market in Turkey is buzzing with the likes of Shamil Bank investing millions into the sector on behalf of institutional clients and with Century 21 Gold arriving from Russia in search of viable projects for wealthy Russian clients.

Meanwhile, all along the Turkish coastline British, Irish and European holidaymakers are enjoying the stunning Turkish climate and inimitable Turkish hospitality and many of them are planning their own moves into the Turkish real estate market as well.  All in all, it would be fair to say that Turkey’s property market is buzzing!!

It seems that Turkey is the place to be investing in real estate, whether you are a bank, a millionaire Russian businessperson or an individual on a limited budget seeking a home in the sun and a fly-to-let investment opportunity.

A representative of Shamil Bank has given others great faith in the market by stating that house prices in many parts of Turkey have risen consistently since 2002 making the nation the first choice for the bank for serious property investment commitment.

Backing up Shamil Bank’s feelings about the market are the Century 21 Gold representatives who recently visited property projects in coastal Turkey for their clients, stating that the price of property in Turkey is currently extremely attractive for their clients.  I.e., the low entry point coupled with the strong and consistent growth enjoyed in the market is making it a popular choice with investors from all backgrounds.

In the meantime, holidaymakers who have flocked to Turkey in even higher numbers this year than last are ensuring that there is a growing base of demand from holiday tenants for those with rental property units in Turkey.  For British holidaymakers Turkey is now number one, with Spain having been knocked off the top spot because of the strong euro, the bad press Spain has been receiving and because of the incredibly popular press that Turkey has been enjoying.

Not only is Turkey a far more affordable choice for holidaymakers now – a very serious consideration due to the global financial situation and the levels of inflation in the UK for example – but it is very accessible, it is a stunning nation that is embracing tourism and therefore making sure the holiday experience is a good one for all visitors, and it is a country actively courting investment also ensuring that would be home buyers are treated well.

The positive fundamentals in place supporting a buy in in Turkey right now could not therefore be better!  It’s no wonder that the property market is buzzing and that everywhere you look in the news about property in Turkey, the Turkish economy and about the investment climate, the news is more than simply positive.