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Three Good Reasons for Affluent Britons to Move Abroad

Have you ever wondered whether others share your reasons for relocation?  Or do you perhaps have very personal reasons for wanting to move abroad?  Many surveys cite everything from the weather to the cost of living as driving Britons overseas, but a recent review of respondents’ motivations by Lloyds TSB reveals exactly what is driving affluent Brits out of UK.

There are three significant reasons behind the dissatisfaction of the 1,000 individuals Lloyds TSB surveyed; and these key concerns are highly likely to be a reflection of how all Britons feel about their nation.  What’s more, these are core issues that the current government needs to think seriously about.

We’ve talked in the recent past about the fact that the UK is potentially facing its biggest brain drain ever – and now Lloyds TSB’s survey has added fuel to the argument and suggested that not only will Britain lose talent, it will lose key wealth too if it does nothing to change the fundamental issues affecting its citizens…

Lloyds TSB surveyed 1,000 individuals who had at least £250,000 saved or invested, and the bank asked the respondents about the key motivating factors behind their dissatisfaction with the UK.  The bank wanted to understand what could and would drive successful and relatively affluent Britons out of their home nation…

Clearly, the three reasons cited are commonly felt because you’re likely to have read or heard about them before from the results of other surveys…

o 35% of Lloyds TSB respondents stated that they may make the decision to relocate overseas because of the high tax rates in the UK that have been exacerbated since the economic woes of the nation have come to light.

o 44% of those surveyed stated that for them, the poor weather in the UK was likely to be a strong deciding factor if they moved overseas.

o And 43% were affected by crime and the likes of wanting to avoid antisocial behaviour.

Of further significance is the fact that just shy of 50% of all those surveyed stated categorically that in their opinion, Britons were worse off financially speaking than others in developed and so-called first world nations around the globe.

When asked directly whether they were actively contemplating relocation, 36% said that they were, with 14% likely to make the move within the next 2 years.

Quality of life and the cost of living were also factors discussed, with respondents seeking a lower cost of living and a better quality of life abroad than they can achieve in the UK today.

The findings of this survey really highlight the general mood in the UK right now.  There is great financial dissatisfaction, growing anger and unease, an awareness that individuals are being fiscally squeezed and that there is no end in sight.  When you add to this concerns about crime and immigration, the quality of life and cost of living, you begin to paint a picture that more and more Britons are going to turn away from in disgust.

Things have to change – otherwise we will be hearing more and more about those who want to leave and why they’re planning on packing their bags.

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