Unfortunately the cost of living in Ireland is far from cheap.  And we were reluctant to produce this article because we didn’t want it to sound like we at Degtev focus on knowing the cost of everything but the value of nothing!  You see, the value of living a good life in Ireland can be more than worth the relatively high cost of services and goods…

So, we decided to try and present you with an article that looks at the cost of living in Ireland together with an explanation of why living in Ireland can be well worth the high price tag of everything from a cup of coffee to a roof over your head.

The thing about Ireland is that one visit and you’re hooked.  It might be the beautiful landscape that catches your attention, or the warm, friendly and slightly mad people, (we’re allowed to say that because we have Irish persons in our midst and they concur), it could be the employment opportunities, the chance to live a truly rural existence or maybe just the craic – but try as you might, one visit to Ireland will never be enough.

For those who succumb to the feelings that Ireland promotes and who move to live in Ireland there is no getting away from the fact that the cost of living is high.  A coffee is going to cost you at least three euros, a pokey one bed apartment in Dublin is going to set you back at least a thousand euros a month and even going to the cinema will cost you about ten euros before you even buy a bag of popcorn or some Minstrels!

Dublin is the highest cost centre for living in Ireland – as one would expect really.  The city is so thrilling, so vibrant and so much fun.  For individuals, professionals and even families, the blend of social excitement and strong employment prospects together with good educational opportunities and decent housing means that there is intensive demand for property which makes Dublin real estate expensive.  And it also means that everyone from retailers to restaurateurs can unfortunately charge a bit of a premium.  The good news is that the so called ‘credit crunch’ is having a bit of a correction on property prices – but heck, let’s be honest, they are still on the high side!

Step away from Dublin and into the very rural interior and yes, the cost of living comes down – keep driving and hit the west coast and all the fabulous tourism hotspots and again, you’ll feel the pinch on your pocket.  But what can you do?  Ireland is just so appealing – it’s probably worth the relatively high price!