Dubai continues to attract record numbers of expatriates every single year.  The appeal of the emirate and its main city is broad and encompasses the fact that employment opportunities in Dubai are strong and also generally very well paid.  With the added benefit of tax breaks for individuals and companies, Dubai is certainly a very popular choice.

Recent data from the Ministry of Economy in the emirate shows that by the end of 2009, if population growth remains on track, Dubai will overtake Abu Dhabi for the first time as the most populous emirate.  The population swell is being fuelled largely by western expatriates who want to experience living in Dubai, working in the emirate and enjoying a tax-free lifestyle in a playground in the sun.

On Degtev we have long understood the appeal of both living in Dubai and also of investing in property in Dubai, which is why we have dedicated sections to both subjects.  In this article entitled ‘The Best of Living in Dubai’ we will take you on a guided tour of our most informative guides to the emirate, so that if you’re planning a relocation or property purchase you can quickly access the information most relevant to you.

One of the first Internet searches that people conduct when contemplating a move to Dubai is for information about visas and legal requirements for relocation.  We’ve got this information covered in our guide entitled Dubai Visa for Your Entry into Dubai, and we’d just like to point out that because rules and regulations can change, the website for the Dubai Department of Naturalisation and Residency is well worth a look as well.  With Dubai it really is important to get your paperwork in order before you travel.

After determining whether you qualify for residency status, most people are then interested in the lifestyle and employment opportunities in the emirate, and we have a wealth of information covering both of these areas.  In terms of lifestyle in the emirate, we have a specific article for Western women living in Dubai because we understand that there is a lot of speculation out there about whether or not single women can live alone and work in Dubai, whether they can cohabit and even what sort of clothes they are allowed to wear in the work place.  Our guide cuts through the myths to get to the pithy truth!

We have recently added a guide to surviving the heat of the summer, because as I’m sure you’re aware, the summertime temperatures in Dubai make it hard to cope for some people.  The summer is traditionally the time when most people take their annual breaks and head out of the UAE, but if your work does not permit you such luxury, our guide will give you some tips on remaining cool!  We have also produced a handful of guides covering what it’s really like living in Dubai.  These guides cover the good, the bad, the realities and dispel the myths, they compliment other articles in our living in Dubai archive section that present a balance of opinion – and you’ll see we even cover reasons not to live in the emirate as well, because the Dubai lifestyle is not for everyone!

Next up we’ve covered working in the emirate and actually getting jobs in Dubai.  We’ve focused on everything from working in the financial service industry to HR jobs in Dubai, teaching, construction and even graduate jobs, and we have a general article that makes a good starting point for your research called Jobs in Dubai.

If you’ve heard all about the Dubai property boom and you want to learn more about the emirate’s market environment, our section dedicated to real estate in the emirate should satisfy your curiosity.  We have regular news updates on the state of the market – and as you can see in our Dubai property archive we have such information dating back to 2005 so you can see how the market has matured.  One of the latest guides in place relates to the new property and mortgage laws in Dubai and will be of relevance to those thinking about buying in.  We have information about the property buying process, whether other emirates in the UAE offer good alternative investment choices to Dubai, and we always make sure this entire section is kept up to date with the latest findings from analysts and news from the sector.

Finally, we’re working on a comprehensive guide to Dubai that will cover every single aspect of living and working in Dubai, it will even touch on the property market and will offer our readers a chance to download all the information they need in one easy to navigate, well written and factual guide.  If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see included in such a guide, we’d be more than happy to hear from you.