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Tech and Finance Jobs on the Rise in Asia

Asia offering great tech and finance career opportunities

Tech and finance expat professionals looking for better opportunities around the world are becoming the main target for Asian employers. ExpatFinder released a report showing that tech and finance jobs will dominate the job market in Asia this year.

ExpatFinder, a leading global mobility specialist, recently published an ‘Asia Job Opportunities Report’ surveying employment market in Asia.

The report looks at the employment opportunities in the region and the impact of the recent geopolitical and economic events.

The focus of the survey is in five major Asian cities that usually top the list of expat destinations: Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai.

This year, the report states it is going to be a year of exceptional opportunities for global talents in Asia.

“This is largely thanks to the collective commitment by Asian governments to push ahead with reforms to restructure the region’s economies and build up workforce capabilities for sustainable growth. This all means great news for job seekers in the new year – particularly for experienced individuals in Technology which is looking to be a game changer, and a space benefiting from planned long-term investment, for businesses and finance in Asia.”

Sébastien Deschamps, CEO and Founder of ExpatFinder.com.

Of course, just like the rest of the world, Asia is going through a turmoil. Firstly, there are general economic cost-cuts that affect companies. Secondly, there is geopolitical uncertainty over Brexit. Furthermore, the recent US elections and the outcome of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have put global economy under stress. As a result businesses and employers have reservations as far as hiring is concerned.

However, as the survey has illustrated, there are great opportunities for career development in certain industries across Asia.

The tech and finance industries are actively hiring. Mumbai, for example, is the biggest employer in technology, and Hong Kong is topping the finance jobs list.

Senior-level and management positions remain available in countries such as Kuala Lumpur and Japan (Tokyo).

From The Independent

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