Qualified and well-experienced teaching staff are highly in demand across Australia and across all age ranges.  Whether you’re a pre-primary teacher, a primary or secondary school teacher you will find that there are vacancies available at schools and institutions across the nation.

If you’re really keen to relocate and start a brand new life living in Australia, you’re a qualified teacher or even a university lecturer, the fact that there are still teaching jobs in Australia despite the recession there and the fact that reportedly increasing numbers of Australian expats are returning home is encouraging news indeed!

In this article we’ll take a look at how you can use your teaching skills to gain valuable points for an entry visa, how to apply for teaching jobs and what’s available where – with salary tips and links to recruitment agencies and companies to help you.

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership is the official body responsible for grading and assessing your qualifications as part of the skills assessment process for migration.  If you visit their website you will see that the criteria upon which you are graded has recently changed, and the institute has already applied the changed guidelines.  Therefore if you’re applying for a visa to emigrate to Australia you need to be aware of these changes.

You will be assessed under three criteria – namely educational, professional and English language.  Under educational here are the guidelines you need to know about: – “completion of study assessed by Teaching Australia as comparable to at least four years full-time higher education level study (or part-time equivalent) in Australia, which results in a qualification (or qualifications) comparable to the education level of an Australian bachelor degree or higher.”

Under the professional assessment guidelines you will be checked as follows: – “as part of the educational criterion above, completion of an initial teacher education qualification of at least one year full-time (or part-time equivalent) study at the higher education level that includes at least 45 working days of supervised teaching practice in your nominated occupation.”

And finally, your English language ability will be assessed to ensure you are fluent in the spoken and written form of the language.  If you successfully meet all of these criteria then you should gain the maximum number of points towards your application which will hopefully stand you in good stead for acceptance and a visa to move to live and work in Australia.

Alternatively, you might like to find a job before you go and be sponsored for your relocation.  In our article about Nursing Jobs in Australia we explain all the various visa options open to you…they are the same when it comes to teaching jobs in Australia, so have a browse of that article if you need more tips.  Otherwise, just know that if you’re a qualified teacher and you can find a suitable post with a registered employer who will sponsor your relocation, this is potentially a faster track route of getting into Australia.

There is an Australian employment expo coming up in Leeds and London in March where you will be able to meet potential employers, speak to the Australian immigration department, chat to relocation experts and perhaps secure an interview or even a job offer.  The expo is definitely worth your time visiting it as it could really facilitate your move Down Under.

In the meantime you need to be applying to recruitment agencies with details of the job you’re looking for, and even applying for jobs if you’ve put in your visa application already.  Note that the most in demand teachers are in the fields of science, maths, special needs and technological and applied studies – but there are vacancies at all levels and in all subjects across Australia.  In terms of the pay scale you’ll be looking at – well, it differs depending on whether you work at a state or a private school, whether you’re a junior or a well-experienced teacher in a senior role.  As a guideline state school teachers can expect to earn in the region of:- AU$220-$290 per day as a temporary or supply teacher with 3 – 4 years experience or AU$95-$120 per day if they are less experienced.  Between AU$33,000-$45,000 per year for permanent teaching staff who have at least a few years experience, and upwards of AU$55,000-$70,000 for teachers holding much more senior positions.

The agencies to begin targeting for employment options include the following: –


We wish you luck with your visa application and job search.  If you’re a teacher and you’re moving to Australia, we’d love to hear your story.