The heat really is on in Dubai at this time of the year – July and August are the most uncomfortable and unpleasant months to be living in Dubai or even to visit the emirate for that matter (hence the cheap holidays you may have seen advertised.)  However, if you’re living and working in the UAE and Dubai is your base, you’re going to have to find ways to cope with the oppressive humidity and the searing and soaring temperatures.

The super wealthy and those who enjoy a certain amount of employment flexibility can of course choose to ship out during the summer months and visit Europe perhaps, or holiday at their second home somewhere less intensely hot.  But for the rest of us, do we just have to grin, wilt and bear it?  No, fortunately, as long as we don’t care about global warming there are plenty of things to keep us all busy and cool and happily surviving the summertime living in Dubai!

Whilst lazing by the pool at our favourite private beach club may actually be more tortuous than sitting at home all day in an air-conditioned prison, neither option really promotes a feeling of happiness and well-being , particularly when you add one or two bored and irritable children into the mix.  So, what to do when the temperatures rise?  Why, go shopping of course!  According to a recent article in the Telegraph, 84% of UAE residents – expat and locals alike – go shopping to entertain themselves, spending up to 60% of their disposable income on non-essential, so-called consumer goods.

To people ‘back home’ this may seem ludicrous, but until relatively recently there was little else to do to while away the hours in Dubai, particularly in the intense summer sunshine.  But thank goodness all that has now changed.  Dubai isn’t the most fascinating and fabulous place to live in the world for no reason you know!  It is now home to everything from indoor ski and snowboarding slopes to an ice café where you have to wear gloves and special shoes to sit and dine in temperatures no higher than minus 6!

If you miss the thought of al fresco dining you needn’t worry about it, many of Dubai’s most popular restaurants with terraces boasting the best views now have outdoor air conditioning to cool their customers whilst they dine outside.  Of course, this may not exactly benefit the environment, but at least it provides us with a pleasant dining experience!

Aside from dining establishments and shops galore, Dubai’s mega malls offer so much more in the way of entertainment nowadays, and when Dubai Mall finally opens its doors in late August, the earth will apparently have a new centre (we love it!).  This amazing, awesome, incredible new mall will be home to an Olympic sized ice skating rink, ‘Fashion Avenue’ dedicated to haute couture, a SEGA worth theme park, a 22 screen Cineplex, a Galeries Lafayette department store, the world’s largest indoor Gold Souk, a world-class aquarium and educational discovery centre and an innovative children’s ‘edu-tainment’ zone called KidZania – as well as over 1,200 shops and 120 cafes and restaurants!

If you can’t find something to entertain you for a few days during the summertime at the Dubai Mall, we suggest you give up on the Dubai lifestyle because it really doesn’t suit you!  Living in Dubai one has to embrace the Dubai lifestyle, and that means living it up and loving every minute of it!