There have been significant changes in tax rules and regulations in the UK and internationally in the last six months, therefore the specialist producers of some of the best expatriate and offshore tax guides available have updated their most popular guides for 2008.

Taxcafe produce and publish the likes of ‘Non-resident and Offshore Tax Planning’ as part of their series dealing with those who live and work abroad, those who invest offshore and also those who have property abroad as well as complex personal financial situations requiring specific and specialist advice.

The Taxcafe guides that have been updated for 2008 include the aforementioned ‘Non-resident and Offshore Tax Planning,’ ‘How to Avoid Inheritance Tax’ and ‘How to Avoid Tax on Foreign Property.’  Their guides are absolutely perfect for Degtev readers and what’s more, we thoroughly recommend them.

New for 2008 are the likes of the ‘Master Property Capital Gains Tax in 2 Hours’ audio visual DVD.  The aim of the DVD is simply and effectively to demonstrate how you can reduce your CGT liability – and the best thing is, the presentation on the DVD is very straightforward and you can just sit back, relax and be informed.

Taxcafe have also produced some CGT software; ‘Property Capital Gains Tax Calculator’ not only calculates potential liability, it provides you with suggestions for offsetting and reducing liability as well.

For onshore and overseas business persons the guide to ‘Selling Your Business’ gives you tricks and tips to get the most from a sale, but it also provides you with ways to work the capital to reduce any outstanding tax liabilities from the sale.  The other specialist offshore and expatriate tax guides that have been updated or introduced for 2008 include ‘Tax-Free Property Investments’ which shows you how to double your property investment returns by using a variety of powerful tax shelters, and ‘The World’s Best Tax Havens’ which outlines how different offshore tax havens can help you reduce or even negate your personal or company’s tax liability.

Taxcafe have done it again as far as we at Degtev are concerned, an excellent range of guides, software and even DVDs to help anyone thinking about living abroad, investing offshore or buying property overseas.