Spanish Property Secrets

There has been much talk in the media about the Spanish land grab, a decline in the fortunes of Spanish property developers, of a buyer’s market emerging and falling property prices putting a downer on the stunning Spanish climate and lifestyle for many of those who have already made the move to live, work or retire in Spain.

But – this is all negative media hype for there are some Spanish property secrets that few are focusing on and which actually bode exceptionally well, not only for the long term health of the market, but for the fortunes and happiness of all those still dreaming of living in Spain or of investing in profitable Spanish real estate…

There are two particular regions of Spain that are presenting buyers with a very well priced property opportunity and where there are strong factors and fundamentals supporting the overall real estate sector – which naturally is good news for those who buy in seeking rental yields or long term growth.  The regions in question are Murcia and Huelva…

You may well have heard of Murcia but Huelva is perhaps lesser known so let’s start with this region…

Huelva is the region of Spain that is actually the sunniest of all!  It borders Portugal and until now it was only actually possible to access the fabulous and untouched beaches of the region via travel to Portugal’s Faro airport and then a relatively costly and certainly lengthy transfer.  However – thanks to the men and women on the ground at the property portal, news has emerged that plans laid out more than thirty years ago for an airport to be built to service the region have finally come to fruition.

Huelva is to get its very own international airport by as early as 2012!  The plans have been agreed to apparently, and work will start later this year.  Personally, we at Degtev are sceptical that the airport will be operation by 2012 BUT, having said that, it does mean that speculators seeking an emerging property hotspot in a supposedly tried and tested market suddenly have very real opportunity to buy property in Spain in Huelva for much lower than national averages, sit on the assets and wait for tourism arrivals to flourish!

The next Spanish property secret to reveal is the one labelled Murcia.  Last year tourism arrivals in the region were up by almost 20% – why?  Thanks to the region’s fabby new airport!  This rise in demand for accommodation naturally saw property prices swelling by as much as 4% at a time when much of the rest of Spain was reeling for a drop off in interest and a stagnation or decline in prices!

Murcia has much to appeal to the international visitor.  For one thing it is now accessible!  For another thing, its previous lack of accessibility restricted development and so the coastline, mountains and rural interior have maintained their integrity, beauty, allure and appeal.  Prices are still highly affordable despite the recent 4% average increase – and so Murcia is the other region of Spain worthy of closer inspection…

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