Have you been sitting in the office lately staring out of the window wondering whether there is something better out there?

Maybe you’re one of the millions of us who will soon be jetting off on the annual pilgrimage to sunnier climbs. We all know the routine, fall in love with the sunshine, the blue sky the friendly people and then by week two we’re saying ‘We should live here’!  Maybe even getting a little proactive at this point, gazing into estate agent windows or even going to see the home of your dreams… but then reality bites! Ouch! all too soon it’s time to board the plane back to UK and any dreams of living in the sun fade faster than that tan you wanted to preserve to at least make a few friends envious on your return to work.

Do these dreams need to fade?  Do you need to return to UK? You don’t really think the weather or cricket will improve do you? No of course not, even the threat of global warming doesn’t seem to promise much more than an even soggier UK. The real reason people fail to leave is they don’t have an escape plan that is really feasible… but you can make one!

The only secret to overseas success!

We all know about buying property and the three things that matter most… LOCATION!, LOCATION!, LOCATION! yea boring.. but what about moving abroad? Did you know it’s MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!Speak to 95% of Brits abroad who are planning to return do a bit of interrogation to get beyond the usual excuses and you’ll find it’s lack of money pure and simple. You can live in paradise but if you can’t afford to live there without financial problems then paradise will be a fog behind the nagging worries about bills and how you’re going to manage. Fix this one problem and you’ll stand a massive chance of not just moving abroad to start a new life but actually making it a better life. But the secret is to fix it before you go not when you arrive. How?

You need an income plan

Taking a guess here that you’re not a safe cracker, cat burglar, lottery winner or have bucket loads of savings just dying to be squandered, you’ll have to do it the hard way and make sure you have an income overseas. Oh and no cheating make that a real income, forget the stories about downsizing and living off the land with a couple of goats and half a dozen chickens,  or becoming a pool cleaner, try cleaning a pool in 36C and then multiply by 10 a day 6 days a week and see if it sits well with your living the dream game plan… You need a real income, one that doesn’t make you cringe at the thought of doing it,  until you crack that elusive goal moving abroad is not going to make happen or if you jump ship prematurely life might become an adventure but more on the lines of survival than pleasure. Get an income abroad and life is just about to become one big new exciting adventure.

Make your income choice before you go

Find your niche! What can you do to make the necessary income required living abroad? Maybe you have in demand skills already but lack the language… so get yourself on a language course, if you really want to make a new start just about anyone can crack a new language in 12 months when they put there mind to it. Are you happy to write and run a web publication… then feel free steal our business model and set up an online publication that focuses in one special area of interest (i.e. don’t take on MSN or AOL!). In one year working at home in your spare time it’s reasonable to expect to make a publication that generates over £50.00 per day profit from advertisers. OK £1500 a month isn’t going to enable the Hollywood lifestyle but it could well be the solid foundation you need to make your new life into a reality.  Oh and don’t forget with a business that runs from a laptop you have the unique freedom to choose places that offer a far lower cost of living where £1500.00 per month will provide a very comfortable standard of living.

A smooth ride ahead

The rest of the game plan, actually there isn’t, seriously folks if you can make an income you can live anywhere and many places offer higher qualities of life than UK for less money. Keep to the MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Game plan, find a way to make an income overseas and the rest will take care of itself.