It’s really rather hard to ignore the fact that the Spanish property industry is in crisis and that the real estate market in many parts of Spain is suffering significantly.  This has had a massive impact on so many people’s lives, with those who need to sell a home to release equity or escape Spain altogether effectively prevented from doing so by market conditions.

What’s happening in Spain at the moment is not a one off event, recessions and tough financial times do happen on a relatively regular basis, and so the challenges facing home owners in Spain today have been experienced before and will probably be experienced again…which is why property insider Nick Snelling has penned his timely book ‘How to Sell Your Spanish Property in a Crisis.’

The book is for anyone out there who really needs to get their home in Spain sold, in spite of market conditions.  And because it has been written by an industry insider and contains advice from other hands-on property market experts, the book and its contents are truly valuable for all those homeowners in Spain who need to off-load their property, no matter what state the market’s in.  We think this book is not only perfectly timed, but that it holds long-term value, because markets have peaks and troughs on a regular basis.

Nick Snelling’s book, ‘How to Sell Your Spanish Property in a Crisis,’ is actually an incredibly important book for anyone to read who has a home that they need to sell anywhere in the world when market conditions are less than favourable.  Whilst the content is Spain-centric and specific, many of the overall tips and much of the advice given is generally applicable to all housing markets and all vendors.  Snelling has called on the expertise of lawyers, surveyors, property developers and even international sales and marketing experts in this book, and it is this weight of expertise that makes this book hugely valuable.

Written in plain English and in a style that makes it very accessible, ‘How to Sell Your Spanish Property in a Crisis’ is a book you can get your teeth into quickly…and what’s more important, the way the book’s laid out and indexed means you can quickly find the information you personally specifically need.  Having said that, we’d recommend you read the whole book from cover to cover, because even if you think you ‘only’ need information about marketing your property well and appropriately for example, you are likely to find the advice about pricing the property, knowing your market, using an estate agent or not and how and why the situation in Spain arose in the first place invaluable too.

‘How to Sell Your Spanish Property in a Crisis’ is a practical tool for anyone who needs to sell their home – it is also a very well written and fascinating book that gives anyone great insight into how property markets work, how good marketing is incredibly powerful and how greed, over confidence, cheap money and bad economics can undermine an incredibly successful industry and affect so many people’s lives.  If you want to understand more about how the Spanish property crisis developed and how, in some ways the British housing market has displayed similar characteristics, the bottom line is Nick Snelling’s book covers it all.

It’s a good read, it’s practical, very valuable to vendors and contains a wealth of insider tips and tricks that can actually work for you.  And if you want to get your hands on a copy, ‘How to Sell Your Spanish Property in a Crisis’ is for sale from Amazon.