If you’re thinking of retiring abroad why not consider Argentina.  From the tango bars of Buenos Aires, to the tropical rainforests of Missiones, the German enclave of Bariloche to the Glaciers of Calafate, Argentina, the 8th largest country in the world has a lot to offer for expats.  The population of roughly 34 million is around 94% European stock, so those retiring in Argentina may well forget they’re outside of Europe.

If you could put Argentina on her side she’d cover 5 different time zones and whatever climate you’re looking for you can find.  The dry desert climate of the province of Mendoza offers an excellent climate for those with arthritis and chest conditions, but if it’s too hot in the summer you can move down to Puerto Madryn and spend summer in cooler climes whale watching.

Whatever your thoughts are about Argentina you’ll be surprised at how European the feel of the country is.  If you missed your chance to retire to Spain because of the costs, don’t fret.  You’ve got another chance, retire to Argentina and live the life the Spanish left behind 20 years ago!

It’s easy to retire in Argentina with the steady income or retired visa.  Applicants wishing to live in Argentina can apply for a temporary one year visa which can be extended annually.  In order to apply for the steady income or retired visa you need to have a valid passport, and for retired applicants provide a public document showing your retirement status, your last two retirement salary pay slips and a monthly retirement income of £400.

If you’re not currently eligible to retire in the UK but want to take early retirement in Argentina then you can apply for the steady income visa.  In order to apply for this visa you need a chartered accountant’s statement that you’ll have a monthly amount of at least £500 at your disposal.

For both Argentinean visas you’ll also need to show bank statements showing a deposited amount of over £10,000 in your account, 3 passport photos, your birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce paperwork and a police check.

The standard of living in Argentina for expats is very high, costs vary from province to province but you can live comfortably on £500.00 per month.  Comprehensive healthcare starts from around £30.00 per month, a meal for two with wine now runs at around £20.00 and a kilogram of the best steak in the world will set you back £3.00 in the supermarket!

Whilst there are some security issues when living in Buenos Aires, you’ll find that away from the bright lights, living in Argentina is a very relaxed and rewarding way of life.  You will need to be aware that Argentines are always fashionably late for everything, customer service is something you see in American films, and no one eats before 9 in the evening.  In order to get the best out of retirement in Argentina you’re also going to have to learn the lingo!  Hasta Luego!