Well, what if we were to show you a number of ways in which you could end up retiring to Spain and living for less?  Would that bring a little light to your otherwise dull day – made duller by the grey skies of the British summer?

It’s true you see, we have a whole host of ideas up our sleeve that will show you how you can now leave Blightly behind, move to Spain, soak up the sun and enjoy your retirement living for less in stunning Spanish surroundings…read on to find out more.

Use Comparison Websites for Money Saving – Even in Spain!!

We’re quite used to the fact that we have comparison websites in the UK for anything and everything from electricity bills to credit card deals, from life insurance quotes to pet insurance essentials.  But did you know there’s a brand new price comparison website coming out in Spain specifically for expats?

It’s true!  It’s being created by the people behind uSwitch.com who have already created a Spanish version for local Spanish speaking Spaniards, (try saying that in a hurry.)  Only the new version is in English, (hooray), and it’s for expatriates to save money on their energy bills in Spain.

We need every helping hand we can get thanks to the pound lolling recumbent on the brink of virtual obscurity next to the euro’s shining light – so this is good news indeed for anyone hoping to move to Spain in retirement, live off a British pension and survive financially speaking.

According to the MD of uSwitch.com, the new site for expats living in Spain will allow them to compare and get the best deals on their energy, their essential insurances, their credit cards and other financial services – so this is excellent news.  More often than not when we expatriate we end up with the worst deals on everything because we go to the national number one supplier of a given service, and although they may have the largest presence, they seldom offer the best service!

It seems that other price comparison websites are also hot on the heels of the uSwitch team with the likes of MoneySupermarket having a presence in Germany already.  So, let’s hope the trend for market competitiveness continues, because as long as it does we’re the winners!

Begin with a Budget

This is actually the only sensible place to start, you need to know exactly how much you are going to have to live on in Spain…so, begin by looking at your income and then and only then can you begin to build a picture of how you will be able to afford to live in Spain.

If you are not selling your British home nor buying a place in Spain just yet – (possibly the most sensible way to proceed) – think about renting out your British home and adding any income from this to your budget.  Next you need to look at rental rates in Spain because your housing will be your largest outlay.

With these large assets and bills taken care of you will know how much you have left to spend…don’t panic if it’s not huge amounts because as detailed in the title of this article – we’re showing you how to retire to Spain and live for less!

Sun Yourself but Shade Your Wallet

Accept that fact that you are moving to live in Spain – once you visualise the dream it will be well on the way to becoming a reality.  Once you’re there in Spain you will find that your days will be taken up loving your new life, sunning yourself on your patio or balcony, walking around your new surroundings, playing in the sea and watching the sun set from the nearest beach.  None of these activities requires you to spend any money at all!  In the UK when it rains every bank holiday and weekend and where we have to take shelter in shopping malls, restaurants, pubs or cinemas to have any respite from the chores of every day life, we have to spend money – in Spain however, the great outdoors is accessible thanks to the weather – and freely accessible thanks to the way of the world!  So, as some might say ‘staying in is the new going out,’ what we would say is that moving to Spain and loving your new life costs nothing and yet is priceless!

Cut Food Bills Down to Size But Eat as Much as You Want!

Unlike in the UK where we have nearly all forsaken the high street in favour of the supermarket and paid the price as a result, in Spain you can still shop at the butcher, the baker and the weekly market and get your fresh local produce for far, far less than you would pay back in the UK.  Even taking into account the weakened pound, if you stay away from expensive imports, ready meals and mass produced rubbish, you shop locally and buy in season produce, you work to build a rapport with shop keepers and stall holders, you will suddenly discover you don’t have to stint in terms of your weekly shop, but you will naturally save money anyway.

Be Happy to Haggle

Thank goodness for the recession – because we Brits are finally learning the art of haggling.  First price is not best price – and it never has been in Spain.  Learn to haggle for EVERYTHING.  Never accept the first price you’re told, walk away, be prepared to bargain, never appear desperate and yet remain cool and polite at all times.  You want to bag a bargain not a bop on the nose.

Cut Up Credit Cards

You’re moving abroad for a new life, so ditch old bad habits.  Cut up your credit cards and learn to live on what you have each month.  If you don’t have enough to buy or do what you want, learn the art of saving again – we Brits have forgotten how to be patient and save for what we want.  And yet, if you save hard and work hard and put cash away, it is so much more sweet and satisfying when you can finally get that which you want!

We agree that the above tips and tricks have more to do with common sense and planning that anything else – but excuse us being boastful here, surely that makes them even more worthwhile because they are accessible to everyone!  If you have a dream of making your escape from Britain you can make it happen.  Think practically, calmly and also outside of the box.  No, you may not be able to sell your house for a fortune and hunt down a hacienda in Spain for a bargain price, but you can rent out your property in the UK and in turn rent an apartment in Spain out of season to see if you really like the lifestyle.  And if you do, you will find ways to make your new life abroad a reality.