We cannot say that we are at all surprised by the latest findings from AXA and HSBC relating to expatriate trends.  AXA has predicted a rise in the numbers of us leaving UK in search of a better, more affordable life abroad, whilst HSBC has revealed that apparently UK is considered one of the worst places in the world for expats from other nations to raise their children.

The facts, statistics and opinions really do speak for themselves, and we shall analyse them in depth in a moment; but in the meantime we thought we would raise the main issue that perhaps would-be expatriates should be thinking of before they flee the UK.  I.e., not everywhere in the world offers one a more affordable cost of living or a more stable economic climate for that matter.

So if you’re thinking of moving abroad, make sure you are realistic about your expectations of your new life.  We at Degtev do believe that the record rise in Brits expatriating that has been expertly predicted by AXA is an accurate prediction.  We can tell from the numbers of enquiries we receive that interest in relocation is active and uppermost in more people’s minds, but it is imperative that Britons are well versed in the realities of their chosen new life before they relocate.

According to AXA, the UK is on target for a record decline in its population this year as they say some 500,000 Britons are lined up to leave Britain in 2008.  Their expert predictions are based on the fact that 400,000 Brits expatriated in 2006 according to the Office for National Statistics, and that AXA has seen a steady and strong rise in the number of enquiries from would-be expats since then.

AXA apparently saw an 11.7% rise in the number of enquiries for international private medical insurance, and a 28.6% increase in enquiries from those looking to move abroad last year.  Then on top of these increases they have so far seen a 15% rise in 2008.  It really does seem that Britons are keener than ever to leave the UK, and more aware than ever that they genuinely have a chance of a better life overseas.

The survey from HSBC backs all of this up.  It examined the opinions of expatriate parents who are raising their children around the world.  The expatriates who live in the UK or who have thought about relocating from abroad to live in the UK were among the most disgruntled with the thought of having to raise children in Britain.  Apparently parents see Britain as expensive, as having a poor climate and security issues that prevent children from having enough time outdoors, and as not being the right environment for children to learn in.  Popular overseas locations with working parents are Spain, France and Germany according to HSBC.  But AXA has Spain having fallen in appeal with France coming out on top in terms of the overseas countries favoured by Britons moving abroad.

If you’re actively contemplating leaving UK, we can’t say we blame you!  But do make sure you have realistic expectations of your new life abroad before you leave!