Despite what you may have read and come to believe, Dubai is not paradise on earth – at least not for everyone!  For some people the summertime heat is too intense, for others the congestion and pace of life is too much.
In this article about reasons not to move to live in Dubai we will explain a few of the less fantastic aspects of life in the United Arab Emirates’ Trucial State of Dubai.

Annoyingly you will not have a formal address in Dubai – you will have an apartment number or a villa name perhaps, but there is no formal address system like there is in the US or the UK for example.  This makes giving people directions to your home tricky, it makes ordering a taxi or takeaway a joke and it means you have to learn to draw a map and pick out landmarks to navigate people by if you every want anyone to visit or deliver you something!

In the summer you will literally die if you stay out in direct sunshine for any length of time!  The intensity of the heat coupled with up to 100% humidity and a hot wind that blows dust from the street and sand from the desert landscape in your face makes Dubai quite an unpleasant place to be for a good few months of the year.

There is a seedier side to Dubai where people from poorer nations and poorer backgrounds come to live in Dubai and work as manual labour and are mistreated and have to live in subhuman conditions for very low pay.  People who find themselves in these conditions usually cannot earn enough to leave and cannot protest either – Dubai is not a place where you complain vociferously about anything by the way.

The road infrastructure and driving standards in Dubai are awful as are taxis.  Children aren’t forced to wear seatbelts and you regularly see them climbing all over the inside of the car or leaning between or standing on seats – safety first!  Taxi drivers work so hard to make a living and so often drive way beyond what’s safe without having a break for a rest, something to eat and dare we say it…a shower and change of clothes.  Roads are not thought out and are congested and a nightmare to be on because the standard of driving is just awful in Dubai.

As a woman get used to be glared at by women and stared at by men – even if you are dressed demurely (as is recommended) and you’re married and in the company of your husband.  You will not get used to it.  And finally, television in Dubai is atrocious!  If you can put up with all of that then you can go and live in Dubai!