Pros and Cons of Living in Ireland

Expat Living Dublin Ireland

As more Brits make the decision to become official expatriates, some are choosing far away exotic destinations.  Others however find that staying a little closer to home makes them feel connected whilst still enjoying a “foreign” experience.  One popular destination for British expats who don’t want to travel too far from home is Ireland.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the pros and cons of living in Ireland.  There are a number of advantages for choosing this destination for expatriation but a few cons go along with the prospect as well.

The Advantages of Living in Ireland

The advantages living in Ireland as a British citizen are many, especially for those who are sheepish about picking up sticks and taking themselves thousands of miles away from their homeland.  If you’re considering moving to Ireland you might find some of these pros are likely to apply to your decision making process: –

Accessibility.  Ireland is just a short hop from the UK and it is readily accessible by plane and by boat.  Some expats find it is easier to ship their vehicles this short of a distance rather than buy new upon arrival as well.  It is also generally quite affordable to travel from England to Ireland and back again.  In fact, some airfare arrangements one-way are incredibly affordable.  Entry to the country is also quite easy for EU citizens.  This is especially the case for Brits because the UK and Ireland are both members of the Common Travel Area.

Culture.  The similarities in the cultures of the UK and Ireland are quite often enough to make Brits feel right at home here.  Although there are some obvious deviations, these generally are not enough to prevent Brits from fitting in quite well.

Language.  This is a very big advantage for some expatriates.  Living in Ireland does not require learning a whole new language.  This makes it easier to fit in, work and even place children directly in state schools.

A Few Disadvantages

Although most Brits find themselves acclimating to living in Ireland quite easily, there are a few disadvantages or potential disadvantages to this prospect.  These mainly fall in on the economic side and include: –

Cost of living.  In some parts of Ireland the cost of living is rather high.  Prices for some things might even top those found in London.  This is not the case in all parts of the country but it can be the case in Dublin for example.

High real estate prices.  Buying property in Ireland can prove a rather costly venture.  Just like in the UK however, a lot depends on the region and your willingness to really shop around.  Property bargains can be had.

Living in Ireland presents a number of pros and a few cons for Britons looking to expatriate.  For the most part however, Brits tend to find the people, the landscape, the culture and the language incredibly appealing in beautiful Ireland.

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