2007 was a bad year for the Canary Islands – it saw tourism arrivals down and median property prices decline on the majority of the inhabited islands.  But just when it seemed the Canary Islands could be falling in favour and fashion, the popularity of the likes of Fuertaventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife has been turned around as the British media collectively get behind promoting the appeal of buying property in the Canary Islands.

After a report from ABTA, (the Association of British Travel Agents), in December revealed that the 2007 washout summer in the UK had prompted record numbers of Brits to buy winter sun holidays, the British media began looking at where everyone was likely to be headed, and the Canary Islands came towards the top of the list!  So, should you not only be holidaying there but buying property in the Canary Islands?  Well, if you want a Spanish property bargain you should!

The reason why the archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, but within the Kingdom of Spain, is so popular at this time of the year is because it has guaranteed sunshine and is the closest destination from mainland UK to offer such a luxury in the grim, dark days of January.  Whilst temperatures are not searingly hot, they are attractively warm and you can have t-shirt and short days which you most certainly can’t in the UK – unless you’re insane!

You can fly to the Canaries in about 4.5 hours, there are airports on all the main islands – in fact, there are two on Tenerife alone which is the most popular island.  Cheap flight operators like Jet2fly currently have flights available for GBP 49.99 to the Canaries from the UK and they, like most flight operators, offer a year round schedule.

So, the islands are hot year round, affordably and relatively swiftly accessible and journalists from the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph have all been promoting the attraction of holidays on Fuertaventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Gomera and Tenerife.  So, there’s no reason not to go.  After all, no matter what your preferred holiday or lifestyle type, you can find it on one of the islands.

For example – Tenerife is the most well known and also the largest of the islands.  It has two airports as stated and most visitors head for the south of Tenerife as it has the best climate and is very well developed with an excellent array of amenities and facilities to keep the entire family happy on holiday.  This island is very popular with holiday home buyers too, and as prices are so far below the national average you can snap up your own Spanish property bargain for the median price of EUR 219,500.

If you prefer a slightly quieter destination then how about Lanzarote; home to César Manrique and a great deal of the artist’s stunningly dramatic artwork and home to property prices that have dropped to around an average of EUR 312,000.  Or maybe, if you prefer outdoor sports such as surfing, diving, big game fishing or 4×4 safaris, you might prefer Fuertaventura?  The tourism and property markets in Fuertaventura are in their infancy relatively speaking when you compare the island with others in the archipelago.  As a result, prices remain affordable with the cost of an average home being EUR 250,000.

For nature lovers and those who holiday in search of tranquility, you might be recommended to try La Gomera, and if you’re interested in discovering a miniature continent, try Gran Canaria – home to more landscape and climate varieties than all the other islands put together and home to very reasonable real estate prices of around EUR 198,000 – 1% below the national average in Spain.

For more affordable property in Spain, for year round sunshine, excellent accessibility and strong tourism numbers once again – thanks in part to a wash out summer and in part to great British promotion – take a look at property on the Canary Islands.