The death of no-frills air travel could be upon us as the cheap flight operators are struggling with rising fuel costs and are likely to face massive losses this year which they will have to recoup next year from the likes of you and me who fly every summer to spend a couple of weeks in their beloved property in France or Spain.

This is likely to have a strong and dramatic impact on property markets around the world which had previously been boosted by the so-called ‘Ryanair effect.’ The one country that is not suffering so much and which is likely to remain an accepted choice is France, and dare we be so bold as to say that property in France will remain popular as travel costs increase…

There is nothing which can dampen the British appetite for homes overseas – not a credit crunch, not a lack of mortgage finance, not a lack of funds in the bank and not an inability to afford to go abroad – it just will not happen.  Us Brits all yearn for international real estate – it is as simple as that.  Therefore, in order to combat the problems of higher fuel surcharges, fewer cheap flight operators perhaps and certainly fewer cheap flights, we are just going to have to be more realistic about the nation in which we buy that second home.

Because France is on our doorstep and it is a country we can fly to, drive to or even take a train to, buying property in France is going to remain very favourable indeed with those of us who want to own a property abroad.  That’s the way we at Degtev see it anyway!

It’s not a surprising statement to be making either when you think about it either – it’s not as if France is a horrible nation with nothing going from it.  Far from it!  France is the most visited nation in the world, it has a stunning landscape, it has a brilliant climate, it has history and culture coming out of its ears (?) and it is already a hugely popular country with Britons seeking a holiday home, a second home, a retirement home or even a new home from home.  So, with the likes of the Telegraph, the Sun and GMTV stating that the no frills cheap flight days of accessing all four corners of the earth for property bargains are over – we say that the property market in France will continue to do very well thank you.