Gordon Brown has today warned against pessimism as he attempts to encourage Britons to continue to embrace globalisation and resist the urge to retreat behind protectionism.  His words are fascinating, as is the sentiment that he’s articulating.

At Degtev we feel that to date we have actually been something of a lone voice in a fight against the media’s blanket-pessimistic outlook with regard to the prospects for Britain in the near-term.  We have done all we can to encourage Britons to think positively and understand that they are not shackled by the mistakes of our government, the banks or even world leaders, that they are still free to make choices about where they live, how they invest and to which nations they show their loyalty.

Together with our readers we have also continued to explore and embrace globalisation – which is probably why so many of our regular visitors are now making their plans of escape active, and looking at everything from how to find work abroad, to where to live abroad cheaply!  Indeed, as pessimism pervades in every other form of media, Britons look to move abroad, and we will do all we can to help them with a continuous flow of informative articles supplying all the help, advice and support that would-be expatriates need.  Gordon Brown should be proud of us…

At Degtev we understand that the constant negative media focus on job losses, bankruptcies, repossessions and financial hardship are incredibly destructive and that those who continue to focus exclusively on the nightly news will fast fall into a state of despair.  Well, in a bid to fight this decline and despair we are here to show you that there are very real and very positive choices available to you.

For example – yes we know that the pound is weak compared to the euro and the dollar, but that does not mean that you cannot afford to move overseas.  Those of working age who are worried about their jobs or who are disillusioned with the prospects for the UK now that the government has invested every single tax payers’ pound into failing banks can look at finding work abroad.  If you’re a skilled individual with a talent, with professional qualifications, with skill, flair and ambition, you can find work overseas in countries such as Dubai or Australia where you can be remunerated in the local currency and therefore weather the effects of a weak pound.

For example – yes, a weaker pound can mean it is harder for retirees who want to move abroad to traditional destinations such as Spain.  However, property prices in Spain are falling and the cost of living can be comparable to the UK if you shop locally and rein in your lifestyle spending habits.  And please note, this reining in will be for a limited time only because currencies always fluctuate.  A weak pound today will be a weaker euro in a few years time according to the most learned of economists.  Alternatively, if you really cannot make your pension income go far enough in Spain, you can make it go far further in Belize, Argentina, Mexico or Costa Rica.  Each of these is emerging as a stunning retirement destination alternative for today’s baby boomers who want it all.  They want to be able to afford to live well in comfortable accommodation in stunning surroundings – and each of these countries mentioned gives them that opportunity.

For example – you cannot sell your property in the UK to free up the funds you need to buy a new home abroad.  However, you can rent your home out in the UK to cover mortgage costs and maintain a base in Britain.  You can then use the money you would normally allocate to a mortgage to rent a property abroad, this will allow you to have the time that you really need to get to know your new home nation well enough to determine whether a permanent move is for you.  When the time is right, and if you have decided you want to remain overseas, you will be able to sell your British property and release the funds into the perfect home abroad.  However, if Britain’s prospects perk up in the meantime and you decide that actually, you miss life in the UK, you can move back in to the home you still own.

As you can see, you have options if you do want to get away from the bleak outlook in Britain that is being made worse by the pessimistic focus of the media on everything that is wrong with this country.  And if you stick with us at Degtev, you will find answers to all your questions about living, working, retiring and buying property abroad.  If you have any specific questions or concerns you can always email us, and if we feel that your information requirements are of interest to multiple readers, we will make the answer to your email into an article we publish on the site.  In the meantime, remain positive and understand that globalisation for you can mean the difference between being stuck in the UK and being forced to live through this recession and being totally free to live anywhere you want in the world!