Overseas Pensions

What do you do with your pension pot when you move abroad? 

Do you leave it in the UK? Do you transfer it abroad? What are the advantages of either? And ultimately, which way can help you maximise your pension income?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The answer depends on your personal circumstances and your financial goals. You can either leave your pension pot in the UK or transfer it abroad.

In both cases the important considerations are taxes, asset protection and available investments.

A good point to start with is to investigate which pension option can help you reduce your tax burden. No one wants their pension pot to be depleted by excessive taxation, so what do you pay if you leave your pension pot in the UK vs if you transfer it abroad? How can you protect your assets in the most efficient way?

Learn more about your personal pension options abroad 

To help you understand your pension options abroad and how you can optimise your retirement income, talk to our expert partners Abbey Wealth.

The review is free of charge and will include the following:

  • Your current pension position;
  • Whether and how transferring your pension abroad can maximise your retirement income;
  • Whether and how transferring your pension abroad can help you with tax planning and asset protection.

Following the review you will understand your pension options and can make an informed decision as to which option can benefit you most.