According to a recent article in The Observer newspaper, some 17,000 Brits have chosen Turkey as their overseas nation of choice when it comes to buying a property abroad.  These 17,000 have focused on the Southern Turkish coastline which hugs the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas because they know they can enjoy long sunny days from April to November and also enjoy a nation that is rapidly advancing in terms of its appeal.

To service these home buyers and the increasing number of tourism arrivals, new flight operators are joining the ranks and there has been a sharp increase in both the frequency and number of flights to Turkey’s Riviera from Europe and the UK since 2006.  New property developments in Turkey are also stepping up to offer the canny consumer something better in the way of both choice and quality, and one of the developers working particularly hard to break the fairly tired Spanish villa mold is the Braemore Gemini partnership from Nottingham who are developing innovative and attractive property in the Bodrum region.

Bodrum is beautiful – there are no better adjectives to use to describe both the peninsular and the bustling port town which share the name!  Set overlooking the Aegean Sea and protected by a magnificent Crusader castle, Bodrum, (the town), today is one of the most important tourism centres on the southern Turkish coastline.  The local planners have kept in mind the need to preserve the attraction of the historic areas of the town, and as a result they have restricted height and density of building which has indeed managed to protect the aesthetics of Bodrum.  However, they have placed no restrictions on imagination of design but unfortunately, most architects and developers have not bothered to step too far away from the fairly typical recreation of the Spanish villa when it comes to the new Property developments in Turkey springing up in the municipalities of Bodrum, Turgutreis, Ortakent, Turkbuku, Yalikavak, Gumusluk on the Bodrum Peninsular.

However, don’t despair, there is one developer to have really stepped outside the box and it is British based BraemoreGemini.  The company is a Nottingham based property development business whose forward thinking directors saw not only beauty but potential in Turkey.  With their Turkish partners the company are now designing, developing and selling rapidly, modern and majestic designed apartments and villas in their Aegean Hills and Aegean View developments.

If you want a property in Turkey that marries quality of construction with aesthetics of design you need look no further.  The Aegean Hills development is award winning, it is almost sold out, it offers buyers mortgages of up to 75% LTV and it is very attractive indeed.  However, the properties from BraemoreGemini in Turkey are not the cheapest by any means!  Whilst you can buy off plan elsewhere for as little as GBP 50,000, the Aegean Hills and View properties from BraemoreGemini start at GBP 110,000 and go up to GBP 185,000…yet the prices reflect the quality of construction, the attraction of the location, the desirability of the development and the face of things to come in Turkey!

Finally, the reason why we approve of BraemoreGemini has nothing to do with them paying us a fee or us trying to flog off their properties – rather the company has gone out of its way to dedicate a large section of their website to giving potential buyers rather sage advice about what to consider before buying an off-plan property abroad in a country where they have likely never lived and possibly never even visited.  They state the following for example, which we believe is essential advice rarely offered by a developer attempting to sell their wares: –

“Use the internet to explore the country and region where you hope to buy and delve into the reality of local laws, customs and processes.  Investigate the track record and integrity of your chosen property developer.  Don’t be tempted, or pressured, to ‘buy blind’. In short, go beyond the glut of sales brochures, stock photography and estate agents’ statistics to find the information you need to make informed choices moving forward.”

Well done BreamoreGemini, if only more developers of property in Turkey could be so imaginative, innovative, honest and open…