In theory no single woman should ever let any restriction prevent her from realising her dreams of travel or a new life abroad.  But in reality there are many hurdles that really do stop women from travelling freely or safely.

For one particular group of women the hurdles actually increase beyond the most obvious ones.  If you’re over 50 you have the additional issues of health insurance becoming increasingly expensive, and work and residency visas becoming harder to get for example.

Thankfully one woman who faced this reality personally has taken it upon herself to create a solution for all mature single women who want to live or work abroad.  Her name is Michaela Hansen and her website is called Granny Aupair, and it aims to connect women with families abroad who want and need the support of a mature individual who has a passion for caring for children.  So if you want to go abroad perhaps this could be your way forward?

Obviously the core focus of the site is on connecting women over the age of 50 with families located internationally who are seeking childcare…

If you’re a woman who loves children, who wants to get the opportunity to live and work overseas, and be paid at least your expenses and some pocket money, this could be a key to your new future!

The scope of Michaela Hansen’s website doesn’t end with finding aupair positions however, it also has a house sitting section for example, and it has a section for social child-centric projects seeking volunteers internationally.

Basically, if you’re a woman aged 50+ and you’re looking for an international adventure, Michaela’s website is a great place to start looking for opportunities.

Alternatively…if you’re an expat family and you would like help from someone who has genuine maturity on their side, who has perhaps raised their own family and is waiting for grandchildren to come along, what about recruiting a granny aupair?

If you’re away from home, away from your own family, and away from the support and positive influence that your own parents could have on your children, a granny aupair could be the next best thing?

Or, if you’re going away to work, and you don’t want to leave your house empty, who better to care for it than someone with maturity on their side, who will care for your home as if it were their own?

In employing someone like this to look after your home you benefit from their mature presence in your house – and they benefit from the opportunity to live in and explore a new country. is a unique and clever idea – and whether you’re an older lady looking for a new life overseas, or you’re an internationally minded family or home owner who could benefit from a mature lady’s presence in your life, check the website out.