The Canadian province of Alberta is becoming a more and more popular choice with relocating expatriates – living in Alberta gives them the job opportunities that there are in abundance in the oil trade and supporting industries.  What’s more, the province is stunningly attractive and offers residents an almost unrivalled quality of life.

Many of the Brits who have relocated to Canada admit that they are loving living in Alberta in Canada, and in this article we explore just what it is about this province that attracts and retains strong levels of interest.

Home to the Canadian Rockies and the fast growing and affluent city of Calgary, Alberta is one of the provinces in Canada currently working hard to attract greater numbers of well qualified expatriates to its borders.  With an estimated 100,000 shortfall of skilled employees thanks to the rapid boom in the province’s oil industry, those who have in-demand skills and experience will find that the visa application process is now easier and swifter for those whom Alberta wants.

So, Alberta may well want you, but what’s in it for you?  Well, the countryside of the province is among the most beautiful in the whole of Canada.  You have stunning glaciers, dramatic mountains, vast lakes and prairies, forests, fast flowing rivers and rapidly advancing cities such as Calgary.  In fact, you have something for everyone.

Albertans enjoy an excellent standard of living generally speaking, with great emphasis placed on recreational activities from skiing to hiking, canoeing to rafting, golfing, fishing, ice-climbing and even dog sledding.  Whilst the climate is not in the province’s favour as winters are long and summers are short, Albertans and expatriates alike do make the very most of life indoors and outdoors – after all there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

After playing hard at recreational activities, those in Alberta also work hard.  The oil in the oil sands of the province is being mined and refined, and the reserves available are very high – possibly higher than Saudi’s oil share.  This has led to the province paying off all its debts and now running a very affluent economy indeed.  For those looking for work in Canada, the opportunities in Alberta are varied.  Naturally for those in the oil industry there is great choice of high paying work.  Otherwise the province is after skilled workers in IT, education, healthcare and so on.  If you have skills, experience and qualifications and are prepared to work hard for a very good living, you could do very well living in Alberta in Canada.

Property prices in Calgary and the main oil towns have risen quite sharply in recent years in line with increasing demand.  However, because the province is so vast, for those who are prepared to travel a short distance to work, properties are well priced and spacious.  There are some fabulous developments popping up in some of the most sought after locations for example…and Brits are finding that their buying power is quite strong in Canada.  There is still a healthy mortgage market in Canada as well, unlike in the UK and the US – so affording to buy a house in Alberta is possible for many who relocate to live in Canada.

If you’ve been looking for a true land of unrivalled opportunity where the cost of living is affordable, the people are genuinely welcoming, where there are good job prospects, excellent healthcare and educational facilities and where properties are still priced within reach of most people, take a closer look at Alberta in Canada and see if it appeals to you.