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Looking for Jobs Abroad? 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Germany

Germany is facing a skills shortage and many employers in the country are desperate for skilled professionals. Locally employers are introducing all sorts of interesting and imaginative schemes to try and recruit and retain well-educated and talented employees.

If you’re looking for jobs abroad in an effort to get back into the employment arena, or you just want a change of scene and you’d like to work somewhere where order books are still full and there is a positive atmosphere about the economy, we’re going to give you 10 very solid reasons why you should be considering Germany.

For Britons Germany holds very little appeal – and without being rude, it’s because we Brits are ignorant to just how much Germany has going for it.  It is not a country we holiday in, it’s not a country we consider doing business with, it’s a country we despise when it comes to football, and yet in many ways, it’s a country we should be looking much more closely at…particularly for jobs and opportunity.

Yes, of course, it would be ridiculous to suggest that Germany does not have its own economic problems, it’s part of the eurozone for a start, and it’s struggling with the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) who are inadvertently undermining the strength of the euro with the dire state of their economies.  However, Germany is also a manufacturing miracle.

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should consider moving to live in Germany if you want to find a well-paying job at a good company with decent employee benefits: –

1) From Siemens to Miele, Porsche to BMW, from Audi to Braun many of the best products in any one industry are manufactured in Germany!  And countries like China are buying from Germany like it’s going out of fashion!  All of this means that there is employment in Germany, and there is positive economic activity supporting a strong labour market.

2) Germany made significant reforms to its labour market in recent years when it too faced the global economic storm.  Over the past decade it has become possible for employers to easily hire contract staff, and to engage a state sponsored scheme to reduce working hours of permanent employees should a company face a downturn.  This has reduced unemployment significantly.

3) Reduced unemployment and increased order books means that there is a skills shortage in Germany…and German employers are increasingly looking overseas for skilled and talented workers to fill important posts.  For you this could spell opportunity.

4) Germans are well-educated, and English is a compulsory subject of study at school…this means that English is widely understood across the nation, and in professional working environments it is often the business language.  Therefore, don’t let your lack of German hold you back from making an application to a potential employer.

5) Employers in Germany are going as far as sponsoring Chinese language lessons in schools, and keeping their ageing workforce fit.  This is so that they can recruit individuals with the language skills they need to further their export presence in one of their most important emerging markets.  And also they want to retain workers who they have skilled up and trained.  For you this means that you’ll be entering a labour market where employers still skill up and value their employees.  Unheard of in the UK nowadays.

6) The ageing workforce in Germany is a very real problem – it means that the skills shortage is going to get worse within a decade.  For you this could mean long-term employment prospects, or even a job for life.

7) Germany is a vast and beautiful country.  It is comparable to France in terms of its diversity with snow packed peaks offering excellent skiing in the winter, vast lakes offering fantastic summer holiday fun, and a dramatic and largely unspoilt coastline that is under explored.

8) Germany has fun cities, beautiful and ancient towns and villages, it is not ruined by over-population, and personal crime statistics in most of Germany are low.

9) Germany’s public transport system is better than ours, and people are generally less obnoxious and self-centred than many who walk our streets in Britain nowadays believing that the state still owes them a living/a house/medical treatment/a pension.

10) And finally, wages for graduates have increased sharply in Germany since the late 1990s, and bonuses are not a thing of the past in Germany even if you don’t work for a bank!  What’s more, many companies pay extra cash to their workers before Christmas, and even in some cases, before the big summer getaway.

In conclusion, Germany has a great deal going for it from an economic, employment and lifestyle perspective.  We Britons need to get beyond our misapprehension of this nation – because our false impressions mean we are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to find a well-paying, good job with a strong employer in a country that is as beautiful and culturally rich as any in Europe.

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