Located on the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iraq lies the Emirate of Kuwait, one of the smallest countries in the world.  But as with many things, size doesn’t matter when it comes to Kuwait and its prospects and attraction!  This is because Kuwait is the 9th richest country in the world per capita and has the world´s 5th largest proven oil reserves.

Of the 3.4 million inhabitants of the emirate, roughly 31% are Kuwaitis, the rest of the population are expats who now account for 84.5% of the labour force.  As with most Gulf States, Kuwait is a personal income tax-free location, so it’s a big draw for expats wanting to work overseas.

So what’s it like living and working in Kuwait and how do you go about finding jobs in Kuwait?  If you’re interested in finding tax-free jobs abroad in a warm and sunny climate, read on!

With a desert climate and 500 miles of beaches there are plenty of opportunities for expats living and working in Kuwait to relax in their free time.  Aqua Park and Entertainment City offer water-park and theme park attractions for example, or you can wander in the Old Souk in Kuwait City.  Kuwait also houses one of the best collections of Islamic art in the Middle East in the National Museum and Art Museum.  There are also lots of ethnic and regional restaurants as well as standard American chain restaurants such as McDonalds, TGI Fridays and Wendy’s for example.

As with most other GulfSstates, expats wanting to work in Kuwait need to find employment before they enter the country in order to have visa sponsorship.  You’ll also need to supply a medical document to state you’re in good health and free of HIV/AIDS.  The best place to start searching for jobs in Kuwait is online.  Websites such as Gulfjobs.com and Bayt.com cover the whole region and can be searched for specific employment in Kuwait.  There are also locally based recruitment agencies and many websites offering positions in the emirate.

With the oil production and petrochemical industries accounting for around 90% of foreign earnings and nearly three quarters of Kuwait’s gross domestic product, most jobs in Kuwait are within the oil industry.  However there are opportunities for nursing in Kuwait as the country has numerous medical facilities in the public and private sectors.  Teachers looking to work overseas can look for vacancies teaching English in Kuwait for example, it’s known as one of the highest paying locations.  Kuwait also has a state of the art telecommunications industry and an extremely robust banking sector, so jobs can sometimes be found within these sectors too.
As with most Gulf States, expats working in Kuwait can expect to work hard during the course of their contracts but be well rewarded for their efforts and the bonus or indemnity system is in place in Kuwait too so keeping your nose clean and picking up the pay checks each month is worthwhile because at the end of our contract you will be rewarded with a bonus.

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