The stunning city of Istanbul in Turkey has to be seen to be believed; spread out over 27 districts, the city is the 4th most populated in the world.  As you fly in for the first time across many of the outer lying reaches of the city to arrive at either Ataturk or Sabiha Gokcen International Airports you will begin to get a feel of just how enormous and magnificent the city is.

Greater numbers of expatriates are living in vibrant and fascinating Istanbul as the city develops economically speaking and also becomes an important addition to the European business scene.  If you’ve been offered a contract in the city or have taken a job offer to work in Istanbul, let’s explore the city and find out just what you can expect.

As stated the city is the forth most populated in the world – but despite this fact there is a lot of space in Istanbul!  The municipalities in many districts ensure that there are well kept green areas with children’s parks and open air gyms available where you can escape the crowds and relax.  Even in Taksim Square, which is considered the heart of modern Istanbul and where buses, tour coaches, taxis and even trams compete for space, you can walk away from the hustle and bustle and reach the sanctity of parkland within minutes.

Istanbul is also a safe city where the only crimes the majority of citizens ever need be aware of are petty crimes such as pick-pocketing.  It is a clean city too – graffiti is limited and there are armies of street cleaners who ensure that litter is collected – all in all this makes Istanbul a great place to live.

In terms of where to live – you may favour the main tourism district of the city across the Golden Horn where you’ll find Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque as well as the Grand Bazaar and the Basilica Cistern with its spooky goldfish!  This is certainly where many newly arrived expats begin their life living in Turkey because it’s a well known, well publicised district where you can find accommodation easily.  But it’s expensive – and it’s not the best location to live in by any means.  You will be plagued by tourists, you’ll be plagued by street vendors, you’ll pay over the odds for everything from a meal out to your groceries.

A great deal of new development is taking place across the city and if you’re looking to buy property in Istanbul, check out the new apartment complexes within reach of the central business district that come with some fantastic amenities.  For such a vibrant and fascinating city, Istanbul is surprisingly attractively priced compared to other leading cities in Europe.

In terms of finding work in Istanbul if you fancy living in the city but have yet to find employment, the city is the industrial hub of the nation, it is a manufacturing and banking centre and a pharmaceutical centre.  You may also find employment in the city’s burgeoning and highly successful tourism industry, in its education sector, or perhaps in the real estate market.

If you want to live in an ancient and fascinating city that marries the best of old and new in a unique way, Istanbul could well be worth a closer look.