Never mind the state of the economic climate, it’s the physical climate that Brits abroad say is more important to them for their happiness and well being!  In a new survey commissioned by BUPA International, the findings reveal that British expatriates are on the whole a very happy lot!

The survey shows that those living abroad are still positive in spite of the economic woes affecting them in their new nations.  In other words: no, Brits abroad are not immune to the global financial crisis, but yes, they’re still positively happy to actually be living abroad!

If any more proof were ever needed that taking up a new life overseas as an expatriate is good for the soul, then the findings of this excellent survey from BUPA are surely proof enough!

The survey interviewed BUPA International policyholders all over the world and asked them about how the current global financial issues were affecting them.  No mater where in the world the expatriates were living, it seems that all have been touched to a lesser or greater extent by the fiscal issues.

Expats interviewed explained that they were saving less and spending less, that they were affected by currency fluctuations and even increased job insecurity…and yet none of this was affecting their health in a negative way!

Over 75% of respondents stated that now they were living abroad, their lifestyle had improved.  The better physical climate was cited as a reason to be cheerful as well, because many who have moved abroad from the UK and left the dismal British weather behind were now benefitting from all the positive benefits that a warmer climate can bring.

The more relaxed pace of life traditionally enjoyed in almost all favourite expat haunts – from Canada to Australia and from Spain to New Zealand – was also cited as a reason to be happy and cheerful, and to remain immune to the negative effects of financial insecurity.

And finally – of those surveyed, over 33% of all respondents actually claimed that they are now healthier since moving abroad!  Again, proof if it were needed that for many people, taking decisive action to turn dreams into reality can not only make for a better lifestyle, it can make for a better, healthier life!

We say well done to BUPA for conducting such a survey.  It’s greatly inspiring for would-be expats to know that, even if they can’t find a perfect paradise on earth where the financial market meltdown that has occurred hasn’t affected a particular country, they can actually find a better way of life more conducive to health and happiness!

If you were after that final kick of inspiration to inspire you to make your dreams of relocation a reality – maybe this survey has just provided you with it!