Throw all your previous beliefs about Nicaragua aside for just one minute and be prepared to learn new and amazing things about this tropical Central American country.

Most people’s preconceptions about Nicaragua are wrong, it is no longer an unstable and dangerous nation, it’s a vibrant and passionate country, inhabited by some of the most decent and down to earth people in the world.  Which is precisely why the authors of the Moon Publishing ‘Living Abroad in Nicaragua’ title have so deeply embraced their new life in Nicaragua.

Previously from America, authors Randall Wood and Joshua Berman take the readers of their exceptionally articulately written book on an incredible journey of discovery across Nicaragua – and to appreciate this title you don’t necessarily have to be planning a new life there, but be interested in learning the truth about this fascinating and much misunderstood Latin American nation.

Of course, if you are planning an extended stay in Nicaragua perhaps as a charity worker, or you’ve heard that it’s probably one of the most affordable places in the world to live in or retire to, then ‘Living Abroad in Nicaragua’ does give you every single conceivable fact about how to make your move a success.  It covers the visas, the bureaucracy, the legalities of immigration and how to buy or rent a home.  But far, far more interestingly than all of this practical detail is the passionate descriptions that ‘Living Abroad in Nicaragua’ is filled with.

The reader can tell by the bottom of the very first page of the book under the ‘Welcome to Nicaragua’ heading that the authors truly love their adopted nation.  That they deeply understand the people, they are enchanted by the diversity of the climate and landscape and that they don’t just accept the country, they love it!  And whilst the authors cannot help but pass on their passion for the nation, they temper it repeatedly throughout the book with detailed warnings of how and why people thinking about moving to Nicaragua need to be careful to get as honest and accurate a picture of what life can really be like there before committing to a relocation.

In other words, the authors talk about the incredible poverty in Nicaragua, about the almost impossible to comprehend gulf between the few rich and the majority poor, the fact that living in Nicaragua is nothing like as sophisticated as living in Belize or Panama and not even as ‘easy’ as living in Costa Rica.  That those with only a dream fuelling their relocation could come a cropper, that those who cannot cope without always available running water and constantly available electricity or phone lines need not apply for a visa, and that every single thing is done very, very differently in Nicaragua!

The authors talk about how Nicaragua is a country that challenges so many of your intrinsic beliefs and puts everything back into perspective – a fantastic quote from the book that sums this up is: “children and the elderly are to be nurtured and kept close, not dropped off in day-care and put into old folk’s homes.”  And after reading all about why the authors love the nation and how you too can find an incredible life in Nicaragua, it’s probably time to talk about the more technical aspects of the title’s content!

The authors do indeed arm one with all the practical information required to facilitate a relocation to live, work, set up a business or even retire to Nicaragua.  They detail the visa process, property buying and rental processes, the government’s legendary bureaucracy, and then they break the country up into regions and explore each one in depth for the would-be expatriate.  So that if you do decide that this sounds like the land of opportunities you’ve been searching for, you can find your corner of Nicaragua to call home.