Michelle Waitzman is the author of a new title from the Moon Living Abroad range, she left her life in Toronto for a brand new one in New Zealand and has never looked back, and her experiences and great understanding of this fascinating and truly stunning nation have led her to write Living Abroad in New Zealand.

If you’ve been looking for a comprehensive guide to every essential aspect of relocating to the other side of the world, we think we’ve found it for you in Waitzman’s book!  The Moon Living Abroad series is renowned for only publishing the best authors and producing exceptionally well-written content, and in this title they certainly don’t disappoint.

Whether you fancy a working holiday in New Zealand or you want to know all about emigrating to live among the kiwis, this book is packed with the facts, research and information that you need to make a go of a new life overseas.

The author had a lot of explaining to do when she decided to leave her old life in Canada behind – whilst many had heard of New Zealand, few at the time knew much about the country.  Since the nation has subsequently been used for so many films, more people are learning about the beauty of New Zealand and this has fuelled immigration interest.  However, it is still a country sufficiently foreign that it requires some explaining!

For Britons, Canadians and Americans the fact that the spoken language is English is of course a massive bonus, but the complications begin to arise almost as soon as you express an interest in going to live in New Zealand.  The nation has a very strict immigration policy in place for example, and this can make it tricky to plan your relocation.

Fortunately Waitzman spends a fair amount of the book discussing immigration and visas as well as moving with children, pets and even what to ship to New Zealand once you have your residency permits in place.  All of this information is invaluable and will really get you started on the right track when you begin filling out visa application forms etc.

There is a section of the book given over to a fact finding mission to New Zealand that we feel is really worth reading and considering.  Because whilst you may be certain that you want to start a new life and you’re dead set on living in New Zealand, until you actually visit and spend some time in the country how can you know for sure that it is right for you and your family?  The fact finding mission can save you a lot of heartache and even money if it proves to you that actually, New Zealand is not right – on the other hand it can be time and money well spent if it cements the idea of a relocation in your mind.

Having covered all of these ‘before you go’ essential facts and subjects, Waitzman goes on to look at each and every single aspect of every day life that a would-be expatriate will need to know about.  Housing considerations are given good coverage so that if you want to rent or buy you’re given the information you need.  Rental and purchase processes differ in New Zealand to those in the UK for example, and so this information is important to review.  If you want to live and work in New Zealand the author covers getting a job, setting up in business and even labour laws.  Health care is covered in depth, as are education and finance – with the cost of living a particularly useful section for would-be expats.

Finally the book goes on to explore all of the main towns, cities and residential areas of New Zealand so that you can explore the country without even leaving your arm chair!  For a long-term tourist this information can help you plan a tour itinerary, for the would-be expat it can help you determine where you might like to call home in New Zealand.  The resources section at the end of the book is also invaluable, containing contact information for many agencies, companies, embassies and businesses to help you with your transition to a new life living in New Zealand.