A brand new book from the Moon Living Abroad titles range has really struck us as being exceptionally well researched, written and put together.  It’s Living Abroad in Japan – and for anyone thinking about taking an extended break in Japan or going to live and work there, we cannot recommend this title highly enough.

The author is Ruthy Kanagy who was actually born and raised in Japan, before heading to the States and learning about the differences between life in the two nations.  It’s perhaps her deep insight into Japan coupled with her understanding of Westerners that makes this book so good.

Covering every angle of life in Japan – from the social and cultural side of things to the practical and every day issues, such as getting a job or finding a school – Ruthy Kanagy really does take the reader on a fascinating yet very factual tour of Japan.

Japan is such a fascinating yet often misunderstood or interpreted nation, that of all countries in the world it is probably most essential to read a good book about what it is like to actually live there before you even make the firm decision that that is what you want to do!

The Moon Living Abroad series of books cover all sorts of nations from Canada to New Zealand, but their new Living in Japan title is perhaps one of their best.  It’s possible to get an understanding of many other nations from watching TV programmes or film about them, reading snippets on the internet or speaking to others who have lived or visited there.  However, when it comes to Japan one really needs to explore the nation and people’s opinions of it far more deeply before you can even touch the surface of knowing what it’s really like!

In her book, Ms. Kanagy really guides the reader through each and every facet of Japan life.  Beginning with an excellent introduction to the country and covering elements such as history, politics and economy, she goes on to unravel religion, customs and etiquette, which are all so far removed from that which we understand and live with in the UK for example.

The author takes it for granted that anyone seriously contemplating starting a new life abroad will plan a fact finding mission to Japan – and writes in an entire guide to how best to utilise such a visit to Japan.  Having then established that one is serious about starting a new life there, the author guides one through each and every stage associated with starting a brand new life as an expatriate.  She explores housing, health, language and finance and goes so in depth that she even talks about relocating with pets and children for example, and how to get around and get the most out of this stunning, fascinating and truly unique nation.

Whether you want to explore Japan on a long holiday, you plan to work there for a year teaching English or you want to move the entire family lock, stock and barrel and begin a new life living and working in Japan, this title from Moon will prove invaluable to you.