Costa Rica is becoming an interesting retirement destination for Britons, Europeans and North Americans seeking an affordable haven where they know they can live well for less, and ride out the impending global recession in relative comfort.

The nation has long been on the radar for intrepid travellers particularly from the Americas, but greater promotion of this peaceful and beautiful Caribbean country has led to increased interest from both the less adventurous traveller, and those who want to find somewhere more affordable where they can set up home.

Now a new book has been released that shows you how and why to live in Costa Rica, it covers the attractions of the nation as well as the practicalities of relocating there and setting up home, and all in all it is a thoroughly well researched and put together title that guides one through the entire process of moving to live in Costa Rica.

The title of the guide is ‘Living Abroad in Costa Rica’ and it’s from Moon Publishing, expert publishers of international travel and relocation books.  The author is Erin Van Rheenen who herself moved to live in Costa Rica as an expatriate and who has never looked back.  The author’s obvious passion for the country comes through in her writing, which although fact based is also penned with clear enthusiasm about the subject in hand.

If you’re thinking seriously about relocating abroad and you want to live in a tropical haven where you can make life whatever you want to make it, Costa Rica should perhaps be on your radar.  Alternatively, if you’re already dead set on this beautiful little country then this book is ideal for you.  It begins by exploring the country’s history and culture and introducing the reader to the delights of the nation, before going on to suggest one takes a fact finding trip to Costa Rica to get to know it more before deciding finally to relocate.

The fact finding trip section of the book gives suggested itineraries for different durations of stay, and it covers all the paperwork and planning that needs to go into a successful holiday.  ‘Living Abroad in Costa Rica’ then moves forward to help those who have decided that they want to relocate to plan their move.  The author details exactly how to move lock, stock and barrel and set up a whole new life in Costa Rica.  She talks about moving with family and pets, starting your own business or finding a job, retiring, getting children into school, learning the language and managing the transition.  This is as comprehensive a guide to starting a brand new life in Costa Rica as is available – and what’s more, because the final section of the book is dedicated to a very thorough exploration and examination of all the main areas, towns and cities in Costa Rica, this makes for a fabulous travel guide too.