China is one of the most fascinating and awe inspiring nations on earth, it is a complex amalgamation of ancient and incredibly modern, of idealistic philosophies and core values, a place where one can spend an entire lifetime exploring the culture or the history, the people or the landscape.

And China is rapidly advancing as one of the leading economies of the world – which in turn is leading greater numbers of people to travel to live and work in China who really need as comprehensive a guidebook as is possible to steer them along the right path of integration and appreciation.

Which is why we would like to introduce you to yet another great title from Moon Publishing – namely ‘Living Abroad in China.’  Penned by Stuart and Barbara Strother, this book is the ultimate guide for anyone considering or even about to embark upon an extended sojourn into very unfamiliar territory in China, and who wants to make the transition abroad as smooth and successful as possible.

The authors of ‘Living Abroad in China’ are expatriates themselves – you can probably tell by their names!  And as a result the book is written from a perfect blend of first hand and hard won experience as well as excellently researched information.  This makes the title a winner in the Moon Publishing range because it is excellently comprehensive.

When moving abroad to live in a country such as Australia or Canada, Spain or even Costa Rica perhaps, it’s possible to find out so very much about the process and even other peoples’ experiences of it from the Internet.  But when it comes to moving to live and work, explore and enjoy a country like China, information available is scarce and hard to come by, difficult to decipher the truth from inaccuracies and opinion, and so if you are thinking of moving to China or even taking a long holiday in China, we recommend this title.

Beginning with an exploration of why the authors love the nation and why they feel it is one truly worth discovering, the book takes the reader through the essential history of the country as well as the basics of its formation and foundation today.  They then set out a proposal for the reader, inviting them to spend some time exploring China on a fact-finding mission.  This is excellent advice that we also support.  After all, moving to live and work in China is not exactly like moving to live and work in Europe or even another English speaking nation for that matter!  Everything about China is different.  It’s religion, language, politics, history, culture and values and customs of the people differ from that which we are used to – so a fact finding mission can really help one to determine whether they want to make the move or not.

The fact-finding chapter covers suggested itineraries as well as the essentials such as paperwork, before Stuart and Barbara Strother move on to examining how one legitimately goes about making the move.  They discuss visas and permissions, the red tape and the bureaucracy and even how to move to live in China with your children and your pets!  They cover finding accommodation, how to handle the healthcare system, what to take, what to leave and what to expect.

The book also includes a very in depth exploration of the main regions of this vast and stunning nation.  The authors look at the typical places you as an expatriate might like to live or where you might be relocated for work.  This gives the reader the chance to not only discover where they might like to reside, but also where they’d most like to travel to, to explore even more of China.

The book has an excellent resources section and is very well written and laid out in clear, concise, easy to digest chapters.  We recommend this book to anyone even half serious about making a move to China or spending a long period of time exploring the country, it’s well researched, well-written and compliments the country about which it is penned.