If you’re looking for an excellent introductory guidebook to living in Australia, you’ll probably love the new title from Moon publishers which has been penned by James M. Lane, an expat living ‘Down Under.’

Living Abroad in Australia is the guidebook in question, and it’s jam packed with everything you could ever want to know about starting a new life down under!  The author heralds originally from the States, but he has spent so long living in Australia that he is 100% Australian!

The book is amusing at times, controversial occasionally, well researched, clearly written and certainly comprehensive.  And if you’ve ever thought seriously about spending more than just a couple of weeks getting to know Australia, we recommend you check out this title.

The thing that makes Living Abroad in Australia by James M. Lane unique compared to the other books that are of course available detailing life down under, is that Lane is an expat himself – he has truly been through the transition of the life changing experience that is emigrating to Australia.

He first arrived with his family as a boy, and so he is able to write from a child’s perspective in an adult way – which actually leads one right in to trusting his approach to relating essential information about the relocation process.  As Lane grew up, so his understanding and appreciation of Australia grew with him, and because he has now spent so long immersed in the Australian way of life, he is an expert commentator on it.  He writes with a passion – which can occasionally be a little annoying if you want to disagree with a particular point of view he holds!  But on the whole his writing style is quite light without being skimpy on the essential details one requires.

I love the fact that Lane includes Aussie slang throughout the book – which he translates of course – but it gives a nice insight into how the English language can be so different depending on the country it’s spoken in!  The author also entertains his audience by detailing that which you really need to love and be willing to accept to adapt to Australian life.  He doesn’t just lay out all the factual data a would-be expat needs, Lane also goes to great lengths to give the reader a glimpse of what living in Australia will really be like.

Aside from the personalised commentary on life in Australia, Lane also of course provides all the reference material that one could possibly need to take the idea and dream of a new life down under from being a hazy concept to being an actual reality.  He prepares the reader for the relocation, discussing Australian history, culture, society and economics, he then goes to great lengths to detail all the visa types one can apply for and how to actually get in to Australia!  This data is great for those who have yet to sort out their transition abroad.

For others who are further along with their planning and their relocation, the later sections of the book that cover everything from healthcare to housing and from employment to education will be essential reading.  Lane even details the cost of living, managing finances in Australia, and of course he provides an excellent and jam packed resources section at the end of the book.  This allows you to find out more information about almost any of the subjects he touches upon in this excellent title.  If you’re seriously interested in the thought of moving down under, why not read more about the book or the author on Amazon, or even buy a copy of Living Abroad in Australia from Amazon by clicking here.