From the producers of Australia & New Zealand Magazine, the Down Under Live exhibition is coming to Excel in London in March 2009.  This is the perfect opportunity for anyone contemplating a relocation to Australasia to find out more about the two nations, and even plan their emigration.

The exhibition is guaranteed to give visitors a true taster of Australian and New Zealand life, with seminars on relocation and working, food pavilions for both nations and exhibitors from recruitment companies, government agencies, relocation experts and more.

If you’re interested in taking a long holiday travelling round Australia and New Zealand, or you’d really like to actively explore your options of moving to live and work or retire down under, the Down Under Live exhibition is perfect for you…

Taking place at Excel from March the 21st to the 22nd, Down Under Live will be a fantastic opportunity to gather all the essential information you need to either plan your vacation or even determine if a relocation is right for you and your family.  You’ll be able to drawn up a detailed travel itinerary or speak to would-be recruiters.  You’ll be able to put your name down with recruitment agencies and employers, speak to travel or relocation companies about how to get to Australia and New Zealand on holiday or for a brand new life.

The show features the Taste Australia and Taste New Zealand exhibitions too, where you can sample Aussie and Kiwi wine and food, and get a good feel for what each country has to offer.  There will be seminars about getting jobs in Australia, applying for the various types of visa, and even adapting to and adopting the very different and ideal lifestyle that make both Australia and New Zealand SO desirable.

For visitors who just want to quietly contemplate the benefits of a trip or new life down under, the exhibition is designed to be laidback and slow paced, there will be live music and culinary demonstrations, there will be no pressure, and yet on site will be representatives from every conceivable type of company and government agency to answer each and every one of your potential questions.

The exhibition is well timed as the financial climate in the UK gets harder and harder, and once Christmas is over the economic hangover really begins to bite, we foresee that increased numbers of Britons will be actively seeking a new and more prosperous, positive life abroad.  Therefore, if you think that Australia or New Zealand might be right for you, hop over to the Down Under Live website and book your place at the exhibition now!  Then pop back over to us on Degtev and explore our living in New Zealand and living in Australia sections for more detailed information about the two nations.