With the winter weather biting in Britain and the economy on a downward slide despite the government’s best efforts to prevent us all falling into a state of financial doom and gloom, it’s highly likely that you, like many other Britons, are dreaming of warmer temperatures, sunnier skies and better prospects abroad.

If so, you’re not alone – it seems that of those who herald from such nations where the economies are more prosperous and the weather is more temperate, flocks of them are heading home and leaving Great Britain behind too!

In fact, it’s not just us Brits who are leaving the UK for a new life in Australia for example, record numbers of Aussies are quitting our shores and returning home to the motherland where they believe they will find not only a healthier economic climate, but a warmer actual climate as well!

Recent data published in the Times shows that Australians are leaving the UK in their droves, keen to head home before the environment in the UK gets any worse.  Many who have been living and working in London in the financial services industry have been made redundant, or are leaving before they are forced to.  They are aware that the financial crisis has moved from the headlines in Australia, and that the unemployment rate ‘down under’ is still a healthy 4.7%.  They are also aware that it’s summer in Australia now, and even if the jobs market is less than 100% perfect and the economy has been tainted by the effects of global fiscal issues, warm skies promote a healthier outlook and mean that generally speaking, everyone is far more positive than they are in the UK.

It’s no wonder that the Australians have noticed how much gloomier a place Britain has suddenly become as we again teeter on the brink of recession.  It’s no wonder that we’re all feeling a little sorry for ourselves either, after all, what have we got to look forward to except massive tax increases in the medium term to pay for the economic disaster that’s growing and being fuelled by Darling’s latest ‘spend our way out of trouble’ attitude.

So, what will the Australians find when they return home – and what could you look forward to if you decided to quit UK in favour of living in Australia?  Well, there’s no denying or even ignoring the fact that the weather will be better – but more practically speaking, there’s the fact that there is no unemployment issue in Australia, and with a budget surplus in the region of 22 billion Australian dollars there is no pending economic crisis either.  In fact, the current prime minister, twenty four seven Kevin (Rudd) is actually so confident of his nation’s strength that he’s forecasting ‘modest growth’ for the economy.

There is one issue that would-be British migrants need to bear in mind though, with fewer Australians coming to live in the UK, and with record numbers of Aussies heading home, there will be less requirement for skilled migrants in Australia.  We touched on this issue in a previous article.  It seems that the Australian government is actively contemplating reining in the numbers of visas it offers to expatriates in the near-term because they will have less need for international workers.

So, if you want to escape UK and head in search of the sunshine, a better quality of life, a more positive outlook on life and a whole new and better life abroad and Australia is your number one choice, you really need to start seriously looking at your application for a visa and ensure that you tick all the right boxes and have all the right credentials for the Australian government to smile favourably on you.  Australia is still the number one choice with Britons seeking to emigrate outside of Europe, but because the nation is also pulling its own expats home again, it could get tougher to find a new life ‘down under.’