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Jobs in Dubai – Finding an Incredible Career in the City of Innovation

Jobs in Dubai

Dubai continues to have a very strong appeal for workers from around the globe, who want to advance their careers, earn a tax-free salary, live in one of the most exciting and vibrant locations in the world, and and therefore they hunt jobs in Dubai.

Whether you’re from Britain or India, the US or Asia, the appeal of Dubai is universal – but how easy is it to find jobs in Dubai?  The answer is, it depends on the sector you’re interested in and your own qualifications and experience.

In this article we’re going to take a detailed look at the employment prospects and market in Dubai, and how you can go about finding work in the UAE if you’re interested.

Why Work in Dubai Can Be Great for You

In Dubai personal salaries are earned tax-free – this is a leading draw for many considering going to the UAE to work.  Employment packages are also often very appealing – with the best employers offering everything from an accommodation allowance to flights home, and even money for an employee’s children’s education.

Dubai is also a stunning location in which to live, it manages to blend fascinating history and culture with the most modern cityscape and all first world amenities.

The lifestyle in Dubai is as good as you can find anywhere in the world – assuming you can afford it!  There are beach clubs, shopping malls, a ski slope, cinemas, concerts, waterparks, museums, golf courses, riding schools, a grand prix circuit, public parks, mosques, temples, canals, a zoo and of course many of the world’s most stunning buildings and luxurious hotels.

If you like to work hard and play hard then Dubai could be a brilliant choice for your next career move

The only downside that you really need to keep in mind is that the lifestyle can also be very expensive – your tax-free salary can be eroded by the cost of housing, and certainly if you have children – because education costs in Dubai are phenomenal.

If you want to work in Dubai, make sure you look carefully at salaries, and whether your likely salary will afford you the lifestyle you aspire to.

Types of Jobs Available in Dubai

If you’re a skilled worker it’s likely that Dubai wants and needs you.  Top sectors that are employing in Dubai right now range from construction to medicine, from hospitality to education. Some sectors are coming incredibly strong in the region and set to actively employ in 2017.  Here is the list of  top paying jobs in Dubai and the OAE – these specialists are the most sought after right now and highly paid.

Popular Expatriate Employment Sectors in Dubai

To determine where there are likely to be jobs for expatriates living in Dubai why not look more closely at the Free Trade Zones – for within these economic zones the majority of international companies operate.

Jobs in Dubai - Dubai Internet City, UAE.
Jobs in Dubai – Dubai Internet City, UAE.

You have Dubai Internet City where most jobs are ICT related, Dubai Media City which incorporates companies and therefore jobs in the broadcasting, advertising, publishing and production sectors.  DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is home to banking, finance and insurance type companies and jobs, Dubai Maritime City is a service centre for the maritime industry, the Airport Free Zone is where there’s everything from straight airline related jobs to companies specialising in import and export.

Also, what about the Jebel Ali Free Zone which is the oldest of all the FTZs, the Biotechnology and Research Park, Healthcare City, Logistics City or Knowledge Village.

All of these free zones house companies employing expatriates in everything from management to engineering, construction to finance, education to healthcare, information technology to consultancy.

There are even jobs in the tourism industry, there are opportunities for those who teach English as a foreign language, and if you set your mind to it and look more objectively at your own skill and experience set, you will probably find an employment sector that could benefit from your valuable self.

Dubai Can Make You a Happy Temporary Home

The thing to keep in mind is that Dubai isn’t seeking to embrace you for life however; it wants temporary workers who leave at the end of their contract or when they are ready to retire.

In other words Dubai isn’t your typical expat destination where you can set up a new home for life…it’s a relatively transient place with a fast turn over of workers.

Having said that, if you’re happy to earn a tax-free salary for a fixed term, or work to advance your career and experience before moving on, Dubai can make for a very happy temporary home.

Expatriate workers are key to the emirate’s success and growth; therefore the majority are treated fairly.  Exceptions are certainly well documented in the construction industry sadly, and there does seem to be a two-tier system when it comes to how expats are treated.

Finally on this point – you have to have the right sort of visa to work in Dubai.  It is not advisable to travel to the emirate on a visit visa and speculatively start seeking work, before taking up a job and trying to get an employment visa.

The best way is to commit to finding employment, gain a sponsor and an employment visa, and then take up your offer of work in Dubai.

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