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InterNations Proves Expatriates are a ‘Social Group’

When we started Expatra many years ago, we were faced with a regular comment that expatriates are not a social group…i.e., they cannot be lumped together under one umbrella based on any demographic criteria.

For example, expats in Frankfurt are not the same as expats in Sydney, and British expats in Sydney are not the same as Japanese expats in Sydney, and retired expatriate Britons in Australia are not the same as working age Brits Down Under…and so the argument goes on!

As a result we have faced plenty of questions over the years about why we write for expats, and how we actually find the ‘right voice’ to communicate with expats!  What we know – and what we say – is that globally minded individuals, i.e., those who have ever lived abroad, do share a lot of common thoughts, feelings, characteristics and interests…and therein lies absolutely sufficient cohesion to prove that expatriates are a definable ‘social group.’  And now we have even more proof of this fact if it were needed…

Expatra: Talking to Expats – Informing the Expatriate Community

At Expatra we know that there is a general need for information about moving abroad, living overseas, finding work internationally and so on and so forth…so we constantly find things to write about, and we constantly receive positive and supportive feedback from an exceptionally broad readership base which allows us to know that we’re on track.

What’s more, expats have many things in common; one of the most easily definable aspects for us, (because of Expatra’s founders’ professional and personal backgrounds), was the unique financial position non-domiciled individuals find themselves in when they move abroad, and how hard it can be to access independent and honest opinion and information about how best to protect and advance your wealth status.  Which is why we have an entire channel of our website dedicated to expatriate financial information!

However, it wasn’t until the likes of Facebook and Linkedin became popular that it became a requirement to define a social group – but since such fantastic networking sites have been in existence, we have seen how expats have really found their feet, realised their identity and embraced their social group status!

Expatriates are the Most Sociable Social Group in the World!

If you were ever in any doubt about whether expats identified with each other based exclusively on their non-dom status, we would invite you to take a close look at InterNations.org

InterNations is the number one social networking site now taking the expatriate world by storm!  It has recognised the existence of this cohesion between expatriates, and it is now serving to unite expats all over the world.

The site is all about ‘connecting global minds,’ and it’s so popular that it’s even got an offline presence – proving that expats are actually the most sociable social networking group in the world!  InterNations events are being hosted all over the world, and attendees are site members from many different backgrounds and nationalities who all share a common bond.  Not satisfied with just meeting in the online community, they are hooking up and socialising, networking and making lasting friendships face-to-face.

InterNations?  What’s it All About?

As stated, InterNations is all about ‘connecting global minds’ and bringing internationally minded individuals together.  In the online communities members can get advice about a new location, they can gain insight into what it’s really like to work in a given country, they can hook up, make friends and even arrange to meet up.

As all expats know, integration into a new life in a new nation is only possible with support – and to gain the support you need when you move abroad you have to make a consistent and concerted effort to meet people, and re-establish the social network you had ‘back home’ before you relocated.

Before it was a case of trial and error – attempting to meet people in random social situations.  Now you can carefully select those you want to meet up with based on previous interaction online on the forums – and/or you can attend an InterNations hosted event in your community and meet up with potentially hundreds of like-minded people in a very relaxed and sociable setting.

There are seven main streams to this dedicated expatriate social community – and you’re invited to take a guided tour to learn more…they are: –

Local community – where you can become part of the expat community in your town and benefit from the support of local ambassadors
Expat network – where you can reach out and find other expats on your wavelength
Ambassadors and local scouts – from whom you can gain valuable tips and advice – no matter where in the world you live or want to live
Forums and groups – where you can connect to others and talk about the topics you’re interested in, or find and chat to expats in your community or even from your old home nation
Guides and information – where you can find everything from a directory for your local city to expat country guides
Events and activities – here you can set up an event or find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods – and get involved
Partner offers – where selected third party companies offer members discounts and benefits

Currently you have to apply for membership to access all the features of the website – with basic membership offered for free.  A paid up member of course benefits from additional advantages, but everyone can access the site and begin learning more about how InterNations can connect expats everywhere.

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