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International Living Sees Visitors Double Following US Elections

International Living Mexico

Talk is cheap, many Americans said they would leave the US if Donald Trump got into power. It now seems a lot weren’t joking.

International Living, a leading expat overseas living website, reported that visitor traffic to their site has more than doubled since the US election.

While it may not be clear if Trump will make the US great again, it does seem that other countries could soon enjoy a windfall of new wealth. Many Americans with less faith in Trump’s vision are looking to live elsewhere.

International Living said they saw a 105% increase in visitors from America looking for information about moving overseas. The website averages over one million visitors per month.

International Living’s editor Jennifer Stevens said:

Before the election, both celebrities and regular folks on both sides of the aisle were saying, ‘If this candidate or that candidate is elected, I’m leaving the country.’

Clearly a certain number of people – an increasing number of people – are thinking seriously about doing it.

Mexico Tops The List

Ironically, Mexico is the most sought after destination for would be US escapees. The country tops International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2017. This is primarily due to its locality (hopefully, the wall doesn’t get in the way), the low value of the peso and the ease of assimilation.

English is widely spoken throughout Mexico and there are already over one million North Americans living there.

Senior editor of International Living Dan Presher said:

Watching a divisive election from abroad can lend some calm and perspective.”

I’ve been through four US presidential elections so far while living abroad, and they’re a bit like watching a bar fight from outside the bar. You understand the issues, but you don’t have to worry about the flying chairs or glassware.

Other top refuges for Americans fleeing Trump’s administration after Mexico include Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy and Panama.

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